Boston Red Sox Trade Rumors: Xander Bogaerts For Matt Harvey Trade Something New York Mets Would Like?

Boston Red Sox trade rumors have a possible Xander Bogaerts for Matt Harvey deal coming up. This Red Sox trade with the New York Mets could potentially help both teams; at least that’s what a report from Comcast Sportsnet is stating on Wednesday (August 12). The site quotes Boston Globe baseball columnist Nick Cafardo, who suggested that the Red Sox should consider dealing Bogaerts to the Mets for an impressive starting pitcher like Harvey.

There has been a lot of debate about how the Red Sox should target Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, or Jacob deGrom (all players for the Mets). The trio of young starting pitchers has been really good for the Mets lately, and it continues to show that the team might have the best young rotation in Major League Baseball. That advantage over most of MLB is also a reason that New York might just want to hold on to its young stable of pitchers.

Noah Syndergaard (6-6, 3.01 ERA), Matt Harvey (11-7, 2.61 ERA), and Jacob deGrom (10-6, 2.13 ERA) have a lot of team control too. While these Boston Red Sox trade rumors might indicate how the New England team would love to improve its starting rotation, it might not take into account what the front office in New York is thinking. There is no real reason for the team to break up its group of young aces, especially with so many good hitters about to hit free agency. The team could keep its roster intact while paying to bring in offense.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Mets traded for Yoenis Cespedes before the MLB trade deadline, giving the offense a good push for the rest of the season. Cespedes could get re-signed during the MLB offseason, or the team could look in a different direction for its offense. While the .313 batting average of Xander Bogaerts could certainly help the team score more runs, his lack of any real power might not be something that enamors the Mets with him.

It is very clear that during the next MLB offseason, the Red Sox will seek starting pitching and the New York Mets will look for hitting. Both teams will likely have a lot of money to spend in free agency as well. There are going to be more Boston Red Sox trade rumors, whether created by the front office or a sportswriter with the Boston Globe, but it only stems from obvious needs on the roster. While a Bogaerts for Matt Harvey trade might work, it isn’t something likely to take place unless the Red Sox overpay.

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