Bungee Cord Snaps On Slingshot Ride, Sending Passengers Flying Into Side Of Tower [Video]

The horrifying moment a bungee cord snapped on a slingshot ride at Luna Park, Cap D’Agde, in France, was caught on video. Two riders were secured into the bungee ride following a brief safety check. The ride was then released, and the passengers were catapulted into the air. However, during the middle of the ride, the bungee cord holding the ball containing the passengers snapped, sending the riders slamming into the side of the ride’s tower.

The video was uploaded to both Facebook and YouTube by a user claiming to be a friend of the riders. At the time of this posting, the video has been viewed over 1.7 million times on Facebook. Claude Pons, the individual who uploaded the video, claims that he was friends with the thrill ride passengers. He says that the pair on the ride are boyfriend and girlfriend, and that the female passenger broke her leg in the accident. The male rider, who was celebrating his birthday at the park, suffered from bruising.

Pons also notes that the riders were stuck in the dangling contraption for an hour before being rescued. The friend says that the female passenger had a fractured leg and was screaming in pain as she was suspended with her boyfriend at a 90-degree angle for over an hour before emergency crews could provide assistance.

It was also noted that another couple who had just exited the ride heard a “fraying” sound just before the thrill ride employee performed his safety check on the ride. Despite the horrifying ordeal and injuries, Pons notes that situation could have been much worse.

This isn’t the first time a slingshot thrill ride has had issues. In fact, bungee cords broke on a similar catapult ride at the Wisconsin Dells as the cords pulled back to release the ball. Fortunately, the break occurred before the ride was actually released, unlike in the Luna Park incident.

[Image Credit: YouTube]

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