‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 7 Eviction Plan Seemingly Falls Into Place After Twists And Turns

Week 7 is shaping up to be an interesting one in the Big Brother 17 house. Spoilers have already revealed the Power of Veto ceremony results and ultimate nominees, but some talk has led to a possible shift in plans. There’s still a bit of time before the votes are cast, but BB17 spoilers indicate that the Head of Household may not be getting the result she anticipated this week.

Big Brother 17 spoilers have teased that after Steve Moses removed himself from the eviction block, Becky Burgess nominated Vanessa Rousso. Though Becky, Vanessa, and others had all earlier agreed to target Shelli this week, both Vanessa and Becky ultimately had other ideas. When Becky blindsided Vanessa by putting her on the block, it looked like Rousso could be headed out the door.

However, as BB17 spoilers from the live feeds have detailed, James, Jackie, and Meg did a bit of talking on their own. Though they originally indicated that they’d vote the way Becky wanted, to evict Vanessa, they started wondering if that was their best course of action. On Tuesday, things were looking like they might decide that they’re better having Vanessa in the house than Shelli.

Fans weren’t sure how committed this trio was after the initial discussions. As Big Brother Network notes, the “Goblins” alliance has continued to pursue the idea of keeping Vanessa over Shelli. James seems to be spearheading the talks throughout the house, and a talk between James and Vanessa seems to solidify the plan.

Spoilers from the feeds indicate that James told Vanessa that if she can secure votes from Liz and Austin, she’ll also have James, Meg, and Jackie voting her way. Big Brother spoilers detail that soon James, Austin, and Vanessa were all talking about the plan, and it seems that Vanessa promised the Goblins safety for standing behind her.

As Big Big Brother notes, there’s also been some talk of yet another BB17 alliance in the midst of all of this. It seems that Austin and James are talking about a final six deal that would include Meg, Jackie, Liz, and Julia with them.

As for Becky and her plan to evict Vanessa, it seems that so far she’s still in the dark that the plan has shifted. Big Brother spoilers indicate that James, Jackie, and Meg have noted that they’ll tell Becky about their decision on Thursday morning. Given Vanessa’s newfound confidence, however, it may not take long for Shelli and Becky to figure out something has changed. Steve and Johnny Mac seem to be essentially in the dark at this point, and that may spell trouble for them soon.

Will Shelli Poole really be evicted on Thursday night? Did Vanessa Rousso manage to save herself after things were looking dire? At this point, the Big Brother 17 spoilers indicate that Vanessa will be safe in Week 7, but there is still plenty of time for things to potentially shift again.

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