The Cooking Channel’s Chef G. Garvin Talks Grilling And Bringing Families Together

The summer season is dwindling away, and that means the art of grilling is getting ready to be put away for the winter. Chef G. Garvin, a Cooking Channel star, is on a mission to bring his barbecue secrets to the main stage. In a satellite interview with the Inquisitr, G. Garvin talked about bringing families together, simple recipes, and the importance of family gatherings.

Inquisitr:What’s the secret behind every barbecue to bring everyone together?

G. Garvin: “Growing up in the south, we absolutely loved the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. It was an excuse to bring people together and we always did it around food. So, it really is just that. When you create a day that’s meant for fun; it can be about baseball, football, soccer or tennis, but it’s not an actual event until you create a great barbecue.”

“A backyard barbecue is always the best way to go. You reach out to your family and say, ‘Hey, it’s time. Let’s get together.’ ”

Inquisitr:What’s your secret? What do you cook in your spare time?

G. Garvin: “For me, a backyard barbecue is really personal, not professional. Professionally, I do french, italian, sushi, and homemade pastas. When it comes to a backyard barbecue, it’s really about having some fun. I have these great short ribs with his homemade barbecue sauce. Chicken is always safe, but we marinate it and season it very well.”

“I love shrimp and they’re really easy to cook. I’m also a veggie guy, as working out for me is important, so vegetables kabobs are always great. Listen, I grew up in the south, so my mom made mac-and-cheese all the time and I was determined by the time I was 12 to make a mac-and-cheese that everyone would love.”

“So, we got a no-baked, lobster mac-and-cheese that literally puts it through the roof.”

Inquisitr: Without giving too much away, what do you put in it?

G. Garvin: “Oh no, I can tell you. It’s a homemade cheese sauce, so milk, cream and five different types of cheese. You put it all together and then you add the lobster or the shrimp. It’s all about the cheese, the sauce, and the pasta.”

“You can actually go to and all the recipes are there. I’m one of those guys who believe in intellectual property, but when it comes to food, you have to share it all. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about sharing and caring.”

Inquisitr:Can you talk a little bit about your foundation that you set up and where the inspiration came from?

G. Garvin: “It’s called the G. Garvin Foundation. I feel like for every five steps I take, if I’m not bringing someone at least three steps with me, I feel that I’m not doing my job. When you think about the African-American child, there’s so few in the culinary arts. It’s my responsibility to help them understand what it is we do.”

“It’s not about just working in a restaurant. So, I take 100 kids from all over the country, and it’s about curriculum and discipline. It’s also about menu development and recipe testing. We teach them as much as we possibly can in 7-10 days. At least they will consider going into the culinary field. That’s what the G. Garvin Culinary Boot Camp is.”

“It’s my way of saying, ‘Hey look, if you can’t be a basketball player, football player or a rapper, at least consider what I do because it’s a great live I’ve lived.’ So, I just want to share it.”

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