Zendaya’s Twitter, Instagram Lesson: Zendaya Learns She’s Been Flipping The Bird Instead Of The Peace Sign In The U.K.

Zendaya Coleman has just shared a valuable lesson with her Twitter and Instagram followers who have aspirations of traveling to Europe. The actress, dancer, and all-around triple threat shared a photo on her Instagram account of a Twitter comment she’d received. The tweet schooled Zendaya on the difference between flipping someone off and throwing up the peace or “victory” sign, as it were, with an index and middle finger forming the letter V. It apparently all lies in the way the hand is facing.

“@Zendaya If you do the ‘V’ sign with the back of hand facing out you’re flipping people off in the UK. Do it w/ palm facing out LOL!”


For her part, Zendaya admitted that she had no idea that what she thought was the peace sign was actually like flipping folks the bird across the Big Pond.

That awkward moment when you’ve been putting up the peace sign all day but apparently I’ve been flipping people off #whyamijustlearningthis #woops

Humorously, Zendaya explained that in the United States, the middle finger suffices when Americans want to flip someone off — so stateside, folks don’t have to worry about their hand position when throwing up the peace sign.

Either way, not many photos of Zendaya can be found throwing up the backwards peace, or V, sign with the back of the hand facing outward. There are photos of Zendaya’s fans, with many of them throwing up the peace sign with their palms facing outward.

Zendaya’s Twitter spoke of being in London, and one photo from last month shows Zendaya throwing up a sort of peace sign with her palm facing inward as she waxed philosophical about being the only one in her group with pre-check TSA security clearance.

Nevertheless, the comments flowing into Zendaya’s Instagram post about the peace sign either corroborate or question the theory. While some agree that the backwards peace sign is like throwing up the middle finger and swearing, others say they don’t get it and don’t find it offensive anymore. Therefore, it might be a matter of age or a dying custom and meaning.

“Same in Australia too for future reference. US Presidents have done it too so it’s ok.”

“It doesn’t really mean the same thing when you do a sideways peace sign either.”

“I’m from the U.K and I don’t see it as offensive. I don’t get it.”

“It’s a swear like doing the middle finger.”

“I live in the UK but people don’t really see it as offensive anymore.”

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