Susan Sarandon: Governor Rejects Execution Delay Request For Death Row Prisoner, Inmate Thanks Actress For Support

Richard Glossip, 52, is a death row inmate scheduled to be executed on September 16 for a murder that he says he did not commit. Susan Sarandon, who is an anti-death penalty advocate, supports Glossip and believes in his innocence.

In fact, Sarandon requested the Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, to delay Glossip’s execution in order for the defense to come up with more evidence to show that he is indeed innocent.

Glossip is accused of murdering motel owner,Barry Van Treese in 1997. Back then, Glossip was working as a hotel manager at Best Budget Inn In Oklahoma. Although Van Treese didn’t die in Glossip’s hands, the one who committed the crime, motel handyman Justin Sneed, confessed that it was Glossip’s idea to murder their boss. Sneed said that he used a baseball bat to kill Van Treese, allegedly following Glossip’s orders.


Glossip has maintained his innocence ever since he was sentenced to death in 1998. Sneed, on the other hand, received a plea deal and was sentenced to life without parole for testifying against Glossip.

According to Daily Mail UK, Susan Sarandon’s request for an execution delay was rejected. Governor Fallin released a statement saying that she believes Glossip is guilty and he must be “accountable for his crimes.” In return, Susan Sarandon said that the Governor is “a horrible person.”

“The governor of Oklahoma is just a horrible person — and a woman, so it’s even more discouraging.”

In an interview, Susan Sarandon spoke of the problem in the judicial system and how Sneed was spoonfed information to tie Glossip with the crime.

“He’s clearly innocent. Once a mistake is made in a judicial system, people just do not want to admit that a mistake has been made, so it becomes impossible case, after case, after case to readdress them… Nobody saw the video of the confession where police are practically spoon feeding him [Sneed] what he should say?”

Fighting beside Susan Sarandon is Sister Helen Prejean who has worked with death row inmates and has been beside Glossip through his ordeal. Sister Helen Prejean is also the subject of the 1995 film Dead Man Walking, where Susan Sarandon plays her role and Sean Penn plays a death row inmate. Sarandon won an Oscar for the role.

Sister Prejean, like Susan Sarandon, stands firm that there is no hard physical evidence linking Glossip to the crime. In addition, Sister Prejean has written a detailed report on Glossip’s case.

Sky News interviewed Susan Sarandon on her stance.

“Richard’s case is so typical. Bad representation; two trials that were ridiculous, no physical evidence. He’s put there by a snitch who actually did kill the person, and then the snitch has life and this guy is being put to death on the 16th.”

Upon hearing that Susan Sarandon has his back, Glossip contacted Sky News from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary to offer his gratitude towards the actress who is fighting for him.

“I’m truly happy that Susan Sarandon is speaking out for me. It’s really crazy that it’s gotten to this point. She can see for herself that this is truly a case of an innocent man who is going to be executed. And I couldn’t ask for a better person to stand up and speak out for me, and I’m glad that she has and I hope that she’ll continue to do so.”

Do you think Richard Glossip deserves a second chance? Do you think Susan Sarandon is supporting an innocent person? Sound off in the comment section below.

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