Caitlyn Jenner Feared Exposing Her Body In Public, Rocks Swimsuit For The First Time

Almost all women at one point in life experience some anxiety when they have to wear a swimsuit, whether it’s at the beach, the pool, or in a Jacuzzi with friends. Caitlyn Jenner is no different.

The reality star has been very open with her life and her struggles as a transgender person, all of which are documented in her E! reality show I Am Cait.

The latest episode showed Caitlyn Jenner revealing her thoughts, her hesitancy and insecurities regarding her body. It also showed how she faced her fear, how she owned it and reveled in it – all by just wearing a swimsuit in public for the first time.

I am Cait’s third episode saw Jenner opening up about what she feels at the prospect of wearing a swimsuit.

The former Olympian admits that wearing a swimsuit holds a special, deep significance.

“Kind of scary, because, you know, you’re really exposing yourself,” she shared. “I’m about as nervous as can possibly be right now.”

But she laughingly admits that she has to wear one at some point unless she decides never to hit the beach or swimming pool again.

The episode showed Caitlyn Jenner and her friend going over some swimsuit choices and ended up with two options, a black maillot with a plunging front and a pristine, one-shoulder white one-piece—both trendy while keeping things modest.

While discussing her options with her friend, Jenner noted that the black maillot was something “that Kimberly would wear” and upon seeing her friend’s confused look, expounded that “it’s probably a little more revealing in the cleavage department.”

The white swimsuit won out in the end and Jenner decided to pair it with lacy palazzos as a cover-up that she shed once she reached the pool.

Jenner’s trepidation was obvious but that quickly disappeared and she appeared to be enjoying herself.

“It felt very freeing,” Jenner said of the experience, before adding that she saw her reflection and “I looked pretty good.”

This was another big step for Caitlyn Jenner, who previously declined to join her friends in a hot tub because she didn’t feel right about exposing herself yet.

According to Jenner, while her friends have transitioned and faced those challenges years ago, she still feels like there’s something that she has to overcome every day.

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