Lawsuit Against Beastie Boys Filed Hours Before MCA’s Death

Great timing. A record label has accused the Beastie Boys of ripping of one of their artists, and have filed a lawsuit that says as much. Tracks on at least two of the Beastie Boys’ biggest albums are allegedly stolen from one of the label’s acts, and the lawsuit alleging the intellectual theft was filed just hours before the untimely death of MCA.

Despite the crap timing, the case itself is actually pretty interesting. TMZ reports that TufAmerica is suing The Beastie Boys for allegedly ripping off 80’s band Trouble Funk – specifically that they illegally sampled their music throughout the albums Licensed to Ill and Paul’s Boutique. For example, TufAmerica alleges sampling of a drum beat from Trouble Funk’s “Drop the Bomb” on Beastie’s “The New Style”, which was a hit in 1986. TufAmerica also points to samples stolen from “Car Thief”, “Hold It Now Hit It”, and a riff from “Say What” used on The Beastie Boys’ “Shadrack.”

So why the ill-timed lawsuit? TufAmerica is incited by the fact that The Beastie Boys keep re-releasing and distributing the tracks in question, and that they haven’t paid for rights to sample Trouble Funk’s music. Ever.

The Beastie Boys haven’t commented on the lawsuit yet, since I’m sure they’re busy with other things, like I don’t know, putting their friend to rest. Regardless, here’s “The New Style” by The Beastie Boys and “Drop the Bomb” from Trouble Funk. Listen to them both and decide for yourself. Did The Beastie Boys really rip these guys off?

Beastie Boys – “The New Style”

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Trouble Funk – “Drop the Bomb”

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