Ashley Madison Hack: Lawyer Wants Leaked List Of Names To Go Public For Interesting Reasons

The Ashley Madison hack seems to be at a standstill ever since news of the hacking burst on the scene last month. Two Ashley Madison users had their names leaked by hackers, and a bunch of other links purportedly containing thousands of Ashley Madison user names only led folks to old porn user email lists or surveys, and the like. As reported by the Inquisitr, the most recent viral reports about the Ashley Madison hacking include the 87-page report that broke down exactly how the site for cheaters gained so many users in the first place, leaving themselves vulnerable to hacking.

Now a new article is gaining traction about the hacking, titled Why This Divorce Attorney Wants Ashley Madison’s Member Information Leaked (And It’s Not What You Think). As reported by the Huffington Post, Jason Levoy is a lawyer who wrote about keeping track of forum comments about the Ashley Madison hacking and taking issue with those who assume most divorce attorneys were chomping at the bit for 38 million names to be released in the hacking.

The assumption was that 38 million names of cheaters being leaked online would surely mean millions of those folks would soon be seeking out divorce attorneys to help end their marriages. That, in turn, would mean those divorce lawyers could profit from all the of attorney fees gained through mediation proceedings and every little delayed argument over dividing the flatware.

However, Levoy’s reasoning for wanting the Ashley Madison leaked data exposed seems healthier than any money mongering.

As it is written, the reasons for desiring the Ashley Madison data be leaked sounds more like that of a couples’ counselor’s reasons instead.

For one, exposed Ashley Madison data would force couples to talk about why the cheating happened in the first place. Without assigning blame, a husband and wife could discuss the components and drawbacks of the union that contributed to feelings of neglect — or whatever — that led the cheating partner to assume signing up with Ashley Madison would be a good idea.

Secondly, the exposed Ashley Madison user information would bring those involved to a point where choices would have to be made. Either forgiveness and second chances would be given, continually, denial would occur, or a break up would be in order. Whatever the results, the cheater would be exposed — who oftentimes wants to be caught subconsciously — and real feelings would have to surface.

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