Taylor Swift ‘Squad’ Rules: They Must Like Her Boyfriend And Wear Matching Nightgowns

Taylor Swift has been talking to Vanity Fair about the importance of her girl squad. Not only does she value each and every one of her friendships, but she also values their opinion when it comes to who she’s dating.

Taylor Swift, 25, recently posed for a very sexy and glamorous photo shoot for the “Style” issue of Vanity Fair. According to a report via Us Weekly, Swift currently has about 20 to 25 ladies in her squad. She opened up to the fashion magazine about her girl posse and why it’s so important that they like her boyfriends.

“SO IMPORTANT. Oh, it’s so important. In every friendship, you’ve got one or two girls where you hear people say, ‘Oh she’s so different around her boyfriend!’ I never want to be that girl. So that was a huge goal of mine: never ever become someone else for the sake of a relationship.”

Swift may think it’s important for her girl friends to like her boyfriends, but she reportedly doesn’t feel the same way about Harris’ friends. A new report in OK! Magazine claims that the “Bad Blood” singer is not happy with her boyfriend’s friends, and has suggested that he gets his own squad.

An inside source says that Taylor has trouble connecting with some of Calvin’s old mates. She’s well aware of his “geeky past,” but she didn’t have fun when she hung out with his friends in Scotland. According to the insider, Taylor wants the DJ to upgrade his friends, but not for hers.

“She wants him to get a new showbiz-friendly set of friends. She thinks it’s weird he’s always hanging out with her and her girlfriends.”

Swift also revealed to Vanity Fair that she provided each member of her squad with matching “white Victorian nighties.” It’s a fun little rule that her friends must wear the matching nightgowns. She purchased the gifts so that she and her girls can wear them when they have sleepovers at her Nashville home. Swift insists that her sleepovers and parties are pretty tame, but she admits that she can’t tell whether someone’s under the influence of drugs.

“I can never tell when I have food on my face… or when someone’s high. That’s why I can’t go to Coachella or Glastonbury.”

It’s been rumored that the singer-songwriter likes to set clear rules for her famous friends. A tabloid claimed that Taylor has a dress code for both her parties and concerts. In addition, she doesn’t want her friends to speak to her unless they’re spoken to. Even Grizzly Bear singer, Ed Droste, claimed that the truth about Swift is finally coming out.

Both Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt have quashed the rumors and slammed Droste’s “Mean Girl” tweet on social media.

Taylor also talked about how she only takes selfies whether she’s with her friends or fans. She recently answered a fan question on Tumblr about her word association game with Vanity Fair in which she admitted she loves talking selfies. Taylor, like Kim Kardashian, has an addiction to taking several photos of herself, but it’s not for vanity reasons.

“They are only taken with other people on their phones when they say, ‘Can we take a selfie?’ I should’ve explained that, but it was a rapid fire round of questions.”

In the September 2015 issue, Swift also addresses that Kanye West incident, her alleged feud with Katy Perry, and her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris.

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