Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Responds to Nude Photo Leak

Teen Mom 2 “star” Jenelle Evans is always in some sort of trouble. Lucky for her, it’s not with the law this time. Unlucky for her, it involves nude pics, the Internet, and an ex-boyfriend. You guys are smart, I know you can put it together. But here’s the story anyway.

Ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp leaked several photos of the reality TV starlet in her birthday suit, both before-and-after her recent breast augmentation surgery. RadarOnline published the pics early Tuesday, sending Jenelle, boyfriend Gary Head, and Kieffer to battle on Twitter.

“I’m so upset and depressed. Words can’t describe. Now the whole world can see me naked. I can’t stop crying,” said Jenelle in a series of Tweets, before ending with the eerie, “Goodbye society.”

Naturally, her followers asked why in the world she would let anyone take those pictures of her in the first place. “I was f—ed up off of anesthesia after the surgery. I didn’t kno [Kieffer] took the after photos. The before photos took without me lookin and told me he deleted them thats why I was laughing in the pic cuz I’m like lol stop,” she said.

Kieffer’s dim-witted response? “I would have never done it if she didn’t brake my heart then talk shit about me for it,” a la Twitter.

Gary Head’s dim-witted (though understandable) response? “[Kieffer] is a low life piece of s—. His true colors showed,” adding, “he should just go kill himself. People love his green hoodie more than him.” Cool story, bro.

If you’re having a hard time feeling any sort of sympathy or remorse about this, it’s totally understandable. The Teen Mom 2 starlet lost custody of her son to her own mother back in 2011. Jenelle’s reaction – a $5,000 boob job – is a little hard to wrap one’s mind around.

So, Jenelle’s nude pics vs. losing her son. Which is the biggest problem here? I need an adult.

At the very least, let this again be a lesson to never never never never never send nude pictures of yourself to anyone unless, of course, you are a paid professional.

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