WWE News: Paul Heyman Pushing For Huge WWE Developmental Change

Paul Heyman is the former owner of ECW and current manager of The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. He has managed several top people over the years, but he also helped to run shows for WWE and even knew how to be the other side of Vince McMahon better than any other in creative. Eventually, Heyman was pushed out of WWE and put in the developmental territory known as OVW. He helped to create many stars there that we see on the main roster today, or in the past. Beth Phoenix and CM Punk are the two most notable.

Heyman has a mind for pro-wrestling that rivals that of any other who has ever been part of the pro-wrestling world. WWE keeps him in a role where he doesn’t have any control, but talent still goes up to him and asks advice. The respect level he has within WWE is huge. He is in the perfect situation, where he doesn’t go out seeking people to give them advice that they may not want to hear. Instead, he waits for them. The only thing he has a lot of control over is what he says, and some of the programs with Brock Lesnar.

All of this being said, it is not a surprise that Paul Heyman is trying to help WWE make a change for the better. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is set to meet with WWN officials around SummerSlam time in New York City. They happen to be the parent company to several Indy places, including EVOLVE. The meeting is set to involve the two sides talking about a working relationship with each other. WWE has been in talks with WWN, but nothing has been set in stone completely as of yet.

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Paul Heyman is said to be an advocate for the deal. He wants WWE to get the deal going, as it is said that he feels strongly that the relationship will work out.

Heyman is also pushing for WWE to sign his protégé, Gabe Sapolsky, as a WWE talent scout. He has helped to run WWN events and was a big help in Ring of Honor for a long time. It makes sense to think that he would be a huge addition to the scouting team, as he has pretty much discovered some of the top names in pro-wrestling and even helped to groom them. Many people within WWE know of Gabe due to their Indy experience, so he would be someone many people would support.

Triple H has hired a lot of great talent since taking over as the Head of Talent Relations. However, he doesn’t go out scouting for WWE. William Regal helps in this department, as well as a few others. However, Gabe seems to hit home runs each time. If Gabe were to bring in some great stars and groom them under the WWN name, WWE would have first rights to bring them into WWE NXT when they were ready.

The relationship makes total sense. Of course, the hiring of Gabe all depends on if WWE can come to some sort of agreement with WWN on a working relationship. Most feel that WWE will end up coming to an agreement, as WWE is trying to help keep young talent under their banner. If they had a relationship with a top Indy company like WWN, they would be able to do this quite well. So, it all makes perfect sense in theory. It remains to be seen if WWE can make it happen, though.

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