Jennifer Carpenter Gets Candid About Her First Child With Beau Seth Avett – Reveals How Awkward It Was To Shoot With A Bump

Jennifer Carpenter and her fiancé, Seth Avett, had a child early this year. While the Dexter star has been posting a few hints on Instagram, she hadn’t revealed much about the pregnancy until now.

Carpenter, 35, appeared at Television Critics Association (TCA) and was present on the star-studded panel of Limitless, where she candidly opened up about the pregnancy and her struggle while acting with a full baby bump, reported People. She revealed she was eight and a half months pregnant while she shot the pilot for the CBS show.

Speaking about the complexities of her role in Limitless as well as performing while being pregnant, Carpenter said as follows.

“I did eight years of research on a show called Dexter about working in law enforcement. I felt pretty equipped. It was more about ignoring my current circumstances of being eight and a half months pregnant while we were shooting the pilot, and asking everyone else to pretend that stomach wasn’t there.”

Jennifer Carpenter has always been fiercely protective about her personal life. Interestingly, while she posted a few photos of her baby, she hasn’t revealed its actual birthdate, name, or even gender so far.

However, she did candidly reveal how she wasn’t half expecting to bag the role on Limitless, set to premiere September 22.

“I was 8½ months [pregnant] when we shot it. I got the script and I thought, I just want to throw my hat in the ring, knowing my odds of getting it in my condition were next to none. I sent it in with an apology, if I’m being totally honest. It was me and my fiancé at our kitchen table having a good time. So when my manager called and said, ‘They’d like you to do it’ … I’m still adjusting to the idea.”

Despite her pregnancy and a full-blown belly, Jennifer Carpenter has managed to portray her edgy and suave character in Limitless flawlessly. But, she openly attributes her success to the costume designers and the director for hiding her figure well and letting her acting speak volumes instead, according to MSN.

“We have an incredible costume designer and he worked miracles. I’m actually wearing something in the second episode that we tried to wear in the first around my pregnant belly. I don’t know if he’s a magician or what but Marc Webb’s camera angles, people crossing at the right time, I actually bumped into [co-star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio]’s desk at one point and that actually made it into the show. It was magic… I have my mother’s frame.”

Judging by the photos on Instagram, Jennifer Carpenter may have given birth sometime in May. Hopefully she will share more details about her bundle of joy soon.

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