WWE News: Dolph Ziggler, Kane Set To Return To ‘RAW’ Next Week

Two notable absences from WWE television over the last several weeks have been Dolph Ziggler and Kane, both of which were written off of television, via injury angle, to star in WWE Films’ latest production. Now, both men are being advertised for next week’s RAW on WWE’s website. Of course, they both could end up being pulled from the show in the next couple of days. But, as of right now, they’re scheduled to return to WWE television next Monday night.

It’s expected that Ziggler will return and challenge Rusev to a match at SummerSlam, as Rusev was responsible for taking Ziggler out-of-action. It’s also expected that Rusev will end up defeating Ziggler in the match. If Ziggler does lose, and the feud ends, no one really knows what WWE will do with Ziggler and Lana as a couple. There has been some talk of Lana moving on to someone else, hoping that they can take down Rusev. There’s also been some talk of Lana rejoining Rusev, as her babyface run hasn’t gone as expected.

As for Kane, well, he could get involved in the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar angle, as Lesnar was the one who took Kane out-of-action several weeks ago. Before Undertaker’s return at WWE Battleground, some suggested that Undertaker’s comeback would be centered around Lesnar taking out his brother. Of course, the angle between Lesnar and Undertaker is based off of Lesnar ending the streak, but Kane being injured at the hands of “The Beast” could be a minor detail that’s added next Monday night.

There’s a strong possibility that Kane will end up getting involved in the Lesnar vs. Undertaker match — likely by adding a stipulation to the match. It’s unlikely that Kane will actually be involved in the finish of the match and cause Lesnar to lose, because that would mean that WWE would have to setup at Brock Lesnar vs. Kane match, which nobody would really care to see.

Next Monday night’s show is the final show before SummerSlam, and, of course, it’ll be a all hands on deck show. Both Lesnar and Undertaker will be there. Also, we’ll find out who Seth Rollins will defend the WWE world heavyweight championship against at SummerSlam.

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