How Did Dorinda Medley’s Husband Richard Die?

Dorinda Medley’s husband died tragically at the age of 60 in 2011, and now, details regarding the loss have been revealed. On August 11, Bustle spoke of Dorinda Medley’s husband’s death, claiming the financial consultant and political speechwriter passed away from “liver failure” after a “short illness.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, via Bustle, acute liver failure is a disease that develops quickly, and can target even those without preexisting liver conditions.

“In many situations… a liver transplant may be the only cure,” the site explained.

Because Dorinda Medley chose to keep the details surrounding her husband’s death, as well as any potential pre-existing conditions, private, it’s hard to say what led his organs to fail.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Dorinda Medley’s husband’s passing allowed her to better understand her co-star, Carole Radziwill, who also dealt with the death of her husband years ago. According to a Reality Tea report, Dorinda Medley recently opened up about traveling to a church with Radziwill, where Radziwill was receiving her late husband’s ashes.

“I was anxious while she was visiting the church, and as I was waiting for her return … I didn’t even think of wandering far from the hotel, in case she returned and was a bit shaken. When I saw her, she seemed drained but relieved. Like she’d had a good, cleansing cry and a warm hug from an old friend. It got me a little welled up, because I know that feeling.”

Dorinda Medley has been candid about her struggles after Richards’ death, and often speaks of her late husband. She even recently shared a photo from their wedding as a “Throwback Thursday” post on Instagram.

“There are three things that bring people very close: new babies, a jar of bleu cheese olives, and the deaths of loved ones. The latter thread, clearly, was the common thread that has bonded us, unexpectedly, in the most beautiful way. Watching it play out while you all reacted on Twitter was making me smile, making me cry, making me entirely and completely happy and proud.”

While Dorinda Medley has moved on from Richard with a new love, her boyfriend John, she maintains that Richard was her soul mate, and doesn’t feel her new relationship with John takes anything away from what she and Richard shared.

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