Amy Duggar Engagement Shoot Too Sexy For Courting? ’19 Kids’ Star Talks Backlash & Pregnancy Rumors [Video]

Amy Duggar wowed for her engagement shoot. Sexy isn’t quite what most people associate with the Duggars’ daughters or the 19 Kids And Counting clan. Amy posed for the engagement shoot because of fiancé Dillon King, reported People.

Niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Amy will marry Dillon in early September. The two got cozy during their engagement shoot, against the courting rules.

And while Michelle and Jim Bob instructed their children not to kiss prior to their wedding, Amy had no hesitation.

“One of our three engagement photo looks was a mud fight,” revealed Amy. “It was kind of, not scandalous, but a little less what you’d expect from a Duggar.”

The shoot also made her literally sick, because Amy and Dillon posed in murky water on King’s farm.

“It was disgusting!” said Duggar. “We were in the middle of this murky water. I got sick for a minute, he got sick for a minute, but it was so worth it. It was so much fun.”

And when she compares herself to the other Duggars, Amy labels herself a rebel. Accordingly, she promises that her wedding will be different, too.

“It is not your traditional wedding by any means,” said Duggar. “There won’t be a lot of flowers; it’s going to be rose-gold and candlelight and not in a church.”

But one element of her wedding will be the same as her cousins’ celebrations.

“All of the family will be there,” promised Amy.

And the niece of the Duggar matriarch and patriarch is seeking some advice from the head of the 19 Kids family.

“I’ve got an upcoming double date with my uncle Jim Bob and Michelle,” revealed Amy. “They’ve been married for 31 years, so we want a little bit of their advice.”

Duggar also responded to the backlash and rumors of which she’s aware. Because Amy shared her contact details, some alleged that she was hoping for fans to send her engagement and wedding gifts. Other rumors included that she was pregnant.

All wrong, said Amy.

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity by any means. I still shop at Goodwill!” admitted Duggar. “But it’s like, no offense, we don’t really need the help. We’re blessed.”

As for being pregnant?

“I am definitely not pregnant,” Amy says. “I’m not that much of a rebel!”

But as far as the rebel aspect when it comes to courting, what rules do Jim Bob’s and Michelle’s children have to follow?

The Duggar parents believe in avoiding kissing until after marriage, reported Today.

With Jessa and Ben, for example, they did not kiss until after their wedding day.

“They have committed to waiting for the first kiss till marriage,” said Jim Bob prior to their marriage.

“We believe it’s best for them to save the physical part for marriage. That way there’s no regrets,” added Michelle.

With all those guidelines and rules, how did Jim Bob and Michelle react when their son Josh Duggar admitted to molesting some of his sisters?

Michelle revealed their reaction after the world learned about Josh’s molestation scandal, following the cancellation of their 19 Kids and Counting show, reported In Touch.

“As parents, we felt, ‘We’re failures,'” admitted Michelle subsequently. “We tried to raise our kids to do what’s right — to know what’s right. And yet one of our children made really bad choices. I think, as parents, we were devastated.”

As the Inquisitr reported, many wondered what Anna Duggar knew before she married Josh. Was she aware of the molestation hidden in his past?

It now turns out that she was aware of exactly what had happened two years prior to Josh’s marriage proposal.

“I was surprised at his openness and humility and at the same time didn’t know why he was sharing it. For Josh, he wanted not just me but my parents to know who he really was – even very difficult past mistakes,” said Anna.

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