‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Season 5 Finale Brings Tension And Chaos At Nationals

The Season 5 finale of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on Lifetime. It’s been a brutal battle in the quest for wins at Nationals, and viewers will see how it all comes together in the August 11 episode. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for this one?

Tuesday’s episode is titled “Chaos at Nationals,” and everybody is feeling the pressure. Not only does the team have to prepare to compete, everybody is getting ready for Abby Lee Miller’s Los Angeles studio opening. Tension is in the air as the pressure mounts.

Viewers have watched over the past few episodes as the Abby Lee Dance Company girls worked through a dance-off bracket-style competition for the opportunity to do solos at Nationals. In the Season 5 finale episode, it’s time to see if their hard work pays off. Abby, however, seems to be backpedaling a bit on her system for determining the solos.

A Dance Moms spoiler preview via Facebook shows Abby telling Maddie Ziegler that she’s someone special and it goes without saying that she’ll have a solo at Nationals. Chances are, Miller’s decision to have Maddie do a solo will surprise absolutely nobody.

On the other hand, Nia Frazier beat Kalani Hilliker in their face-off, which would seemingly give the other solo to Nia. However, Miller starts wording things in a different way when it comes time to officially dole out the solo. Most of the moms support Nia and Holly in saying that the solo should be Nia’s. Will Kalani manage to scoop this one up, though?

According to the show’s Wikia page, Nia seems to get the official solo for Nationals, though Kalani seemingly does dance, as well. Dance Moms spoilers detail that the girls do a group dance, titled “The Waiting Room,” that takes first in the junior division, but they take second place overall.

Maddie’s solo, titled “Someone Special,” reportedly takes second place in the junior division, while Nia’s “No Matter What” takes second in the teen division. Mackenzie Ziegler also seemingly does a solo in this competition, taking fourth place in the junior division, though there seems to be some confusion surrounding this one.

Kalani’s solo is a bit of a mystery, as well. Dance Moms spoilers have said that somehow she was ranked first in the duo/trio division despite doing a solo. Fans will have to tune in to see how this comes together.

Which competitor tops the ALDC at Nationals? There will be some familiar faces in this battle, as Dance Moms spoilers indicate that JC’s Broadway Dance Academy with Candy Apples girls Ava, Haley, Tessa, Chloe, and Ashtin score the first place finishes in the group teen, group overall, and junior divisions.

As for how Abby Lee Miller reacts to the competition finish, it seems there will be fireworks. Reports indicate that Miller blows up, saying that the competition was ridiculous and she’ll never participate again. Though the ALDC reportedly was given the best studio award, many of the group are said to have pulled out of the show and left early.

Also said to take place during this show, Mackenzie fell outside before the competition and got a bit scraped up. From the sounds of things, though, it didn’t hold her back during her performance. Nia’s latest video for her single, “Slay,” premieres in the midst of this all, and fans will finally be able to check out the full video on August 18, with the single having been released on iTunes on August 4.

While Tuesday’s episode is the official finale for Season 5, there is a reunion show coming up on August 18. Season 6 is said to be on the way, and fans are bracing themselves for the possibility of some changes ahead. Just how tense will Nationals be for Abby Lee Miller and the ALDC girls? Fans can’t wait to find out when the Dance Moms finale airs on August 11.

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