WWE Rumor: Dean Ambrose Turning On Roman Reigns At ‘SummerSlam’?

WWE’s biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam, is just under two weeks away, and one of the under-card matches will see two thirds of the former Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, take on two thirds of the former trio known as The Shield, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Most are thinking that WWE set this match up with the mindset that pairing Reigns with a mega crowd favorite will help him get cheered by the audience in Brooklyn, New York, which remains to be seen.

While WWE could be hoping that Reigns will be cheered because he’s teaming with Ambrose, there is another scenario that’s been thrown around, which would see Dean Ambrose turning on Reigns, which would begin a long feud between the two.

It’s been well-known that WWE has been light on the heel side for quite some time now, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to put Ambrose on the heel side. Both Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer briefly speculated that Ambrose may end up turning on Reigns at SummerSlam due to the fact that the two of them are being a little too chummy as of late.

Some speculated, and most expected, that Reigns and Ambrose were going to end up turning on each other back at the Money in the Bank show, but, of course, they didn’t.

If WWE’s ultimate goal is to have the majority of the crowd cheer for Roman Reigns on a regular basis, then pitting him against Ambrose for the next several months may not be the best idea. But, as previously mentioned, WWE is light on the heel side, and it would seem that Dean Ambrose is a likely candidate for a turn, as Vince McMahon is adamantly against turning Reigns.

There are some issues with Ambrose turning on Reigns in front of the New York crowd. One of them is obvious — they’ll definitely end up cheering for Ambrose if he attacks Reigns. So, SummerSlam may not be the venue for an Ambrose turn. Also, it does seem like WWE wants this Wyatt Family vs. Reigns and Ambrose feud to continue after SummerSlam, so an Ambrose turn may be coming at a later date.

Even though the idea of Ambrose tuning heel next Sunday night seems a bit far-fetched, WWE has been trying to shake things up as of late, so, it’s not really out of the question.

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