Sandra Lee Going Back Into Operating Room — Did Lupus Stymie Her Mastectomy Recovery?

After a double mastectomy in May, Food Network star Sandra Lee is still not out of the woods.

Though she did her best to avoid it, Lee has to go back into the operating room due to complications arising from her mastectomy. Sandra underwent the procedure after she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in March.

Apparently, Lee has turned to several non-traditional methods to facilitate her post-surgery recovery, including Eastern and holistic medicine, as well as more modern measures, but “infection is an incredible monster,” she said, according to The New York Daily News.

“I am a long way from where I was and a long way from where I need to be, but at this point I understand that right now I just need to complete this unexpected phase of a tough journey.”

Lee’s doctor’s have evidently discussed surgery for weeks; she’d hoped to have only one more operation — a breast reconstruction.

Sandra announced her latest procedure on Facebook Monday; she is supposed to go under the knife Tuesday, and has remained positive about her ordeal.

“Right now the ball is in my court and it’s time for a mean backhand … So my plan for tomorrow is game, set, match! And to be absolutely clear what I am going through is nothing compared to what many of my sisters experience — to them and their families and support systems I say: Stay strong, focus on the light and I send you my love. When I am done I WILL be lending you my backhand.”

Last week, Lee, 48, spent several days in Mount Sinai Hospital after being rushed there following a persistent infection, The Associated Press reported. Sandra went home over the weekend, and her representative told People that she was placed on “heavy antibiotics.” This treatment has evidently been ineffective.

Ever since her surgery this spring, her recovery has been described as rocky, but according to insiders Lee is afraid an earlier diagnosis of lupus anticoagulant is making matters worse. The autoimmune disorder can cause an increase in blood clotting.

Lupus and surgery generally aren’t a good mix, as the disorder can impede wound healing in sufferers and increase the risk of infection, according to

Despite these difficulties, Sandra’s long-time boyfriend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, said her spirits have not been diminished.

“She is a very up personality and that’s been helpful. She’s optimistic and she’s tough and she’s a fighter.”

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