WWE News: Major Change Possibly Coming To WWE Title Match At ‘SummerSlam’

We’re a little under two weeks away from SummerSlam, and while the main-event of the show is already set, the WWE world heavyweight championship match is very much in question. John Cena, who was originally scheduled to face Seth Rollins in a title-for-title match at the event, is out-of-action due to a broken nose, and WWE backstage officials still don’t know if Cena will be able to wrestle at the biggest show of the summer.

Since Cena’s SummerSlam status is questionable, WWE has a backup plan in mind should Cena be unable to wrestle at the event, and that backup plan is that Randy Orton will replace Cena as Rollins’ opponent in the WWE title match if Cena is unable to wrestle.

While WWE has decided to have Orton be Cena’s replacement, there was some consideration of having Cesaro be the emergency backup plan, but, WWE, at this point, still doesn’t see Cesaro as a guy who should be contending for the championship on a major show.

As of right now, the plan is still to do Cena vs. Rollins, and have Orton take on Sheamus. But if WWE needs Orton to step in for Cena, there has been some talk of adding Sheamus to the WWE title match, making it a triple-threat. There has also been talk of adding Sheamus to the Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens match if Orton is needed to for title match, which would make that match a triple-threat as well.

Speaking of Sheamus being moved to the Owens vs. Cesaro match, the idea of having Sheamus put his Money in the Bank briefcase on-the-line at some point has been discussed, and if he ends up in the aforementioned triple-threat scenario at SummerSlam, his briefcase may be put on-the-line.

WWE is obviously hoping that John Cena will be able to wrestle at SummerSlam, but, nobody really knows how the title-for-title match will end if the match takes place. Most people have suggested that it’ll end via disqualification, so both men can keep their respective titles.

Since Cena vs. Rollins won’t be the main-event of the show, there’s a huge chance that the match won’t have a finish, and the two of them can continue their feud, as WWE is planning on having the Rollins vs. Cena feud last until the end of the year.

Next week’s RAW is the final show before SummerSlam, so expect to find out who Rollins will be defending the WWE title against next Monday night.

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