Meghan King Edmonds Lashes Out, Gunvalson Slams Targeted, On ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ [Video]

As Meghan King Edmonds lashes out, Vicki Gunvalson found herself truly miserable amidst the beauty of the Real Housewives Of Orange County‘s Tahiti visit. And from Meghan King to Tamra Judge, the reality TV show managed to combine intrigue, rumors, and of course, that essential backstabbing that has become a trademark of the Real Housewives franchise, reported Us Weekly.

However, Edmonds lashing out at Gunvalson may have been one of the most intense moments of the episode that aired August 10.

Known as one of the classier ladies, Heather Dubrow took on the task of persuading Vicki and Tamra Judge to rise and shine. However, Tamra didn’t exactly shine as she whimpered about bathroom problems.

Vicki matched Judge’s misery by throwing up.

However, Heather, Meghan King, and Lizzie Rosvek tried to experience the magic of their trip by going scuba diving.

“At least I’m not drowning,” said Dubrow in one of the few upbeat moments of the episode.

But the controversy that has made the RHOC so riveting continued when Tamra confronted Edmonds.

Judge told Meghan King that Beador and Vicki were discussing Edmonds’ stepchildren, and also informed both Meghan King and Heather in on what Shannon Beador had to say (not positive) about how Debrow interacted with Jim Edmonds’ previous wives.

Talking to Gunvalson later, Tamra subsequently vented her annoyance about Dubrow, but Heather tried to heal the battle.

The battles kept coming, with Beador also attacking Meghan King. Edmonds tried to defend herself by lashing out at Gunvalson for comments about the mothers of her stepchildren.

Vicki also had some negative comments to say when she learned that Meghan King’s stepdaughter is working on an independent study project so that she can work at home.

“You’re raising a little monster,” declared Gunvalson.

This isn’t the first time that Meghan King and Vicki have clashed. Edmonds also lashed out at Gunvalson over money, reported the Daily Mail.

Meghan King, 38, was accused of living off her husband’s money by 53-year-old Vicki. Edmonds, who previously battled Beador, lashed out when she learned that Gunvalson called her a gold digger.

“But I don’t really care what she thinks,” asserted Meghan. “When she asks me questions about my family I don’t feel like she’s trying to get to know me. She’s putting me on the freaking witness stand, she’s trying to indict me.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Community star Joel McHale recently slammed the entire Real Housewives franchise for what he termed their catty behavior.

“With stuff like ‘The Housewives of This and That,’ where it’s just catty hatred. The producers want there to be fights, and it exposes the ugly side of humanity,” said Joel.

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