Rebecca Budig Signs Four-Year Contract With ‘General Hospital’: Will Hayden Barnes Stay A Bad Girl Or Will She Turn Over A New Leaf?

It looks like Rebecca Budig is not going anywhere anytime soon. The soap actress has just signed a four-year contract with General Hospital to continue her role as Hayden Barnes, the conniving fake wife of Jake Doe, who is now recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound. Fans have loved her since she came onto the daytime drama, and are happy that she will be sticking around, causing more trouble for the residents of Port Charles.

According to Soaps in Depth, Rebecca confirmed that she is in for the long haul and will stay on as Hayden. The actress attended the GH Fan Club Weekend a few days ago, along with most of the cast of the last remaining ABC soap. So, what kind of havoc will this lady be causing?

Hayden Barnes is certainly not the good girl like Elizabeth Weber is classified as. In fact, she has a huge secret that will blow up Elizabeth’s life with Jake, aka Jason Morgan. Hayden is currently lying in a hospital bed and claiming to not remember anything or anyone other than Jake Doe. Of course, she is probably just faking it and will use her secret against Elizabeth and Nikolas Cassadine, as they are both keeping quiet that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan.

However, does she realize that it was really Nikolas who ordered the hit on her and not just getting caught in the crossfire that was supposedly meant for Jake? It is rumored that Hayden will move back in with Nik so he can keep an eye on her. But if she knows who really shot her, why would she want to be that close with him again?

Budig plays the bad girl well, and it looks like Frank Valentini realized that, which is why she was brought back to the canvas to resurrect this character on General Hospital. The Inquisitr previously reported that Rebecca Budig was surprised when she got the call that she was wanted back on the show. Now that she has a four-year deal, Rebecca will be able to bring her talent as an actress into this new character she portrays so well.

Hayden Barnes is one of the few people in Port Charles that seems to have no connection to anyone in town, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry has noted. Of course, that may change over time as fans learn more about her. She will probably hook back up with Nik, but once the secret eventually comes out, she may just drop him like a hot potato. Or will Nik want to finish her off once and for all? Of course, she may just not want to leave the comforts of the big castle on the remote island and the affections of the Cassadine prince.

It will be fun to see what kind of depth Budig can bring to this character. Hayden may just be the new bad girl in town, or maybe she will eventually turn good. You just never know what can happen in soap land.

Are you happy that Rebecca Budig will be sticking around? What guy would you eventually like to see Hayden Barnes hook up with?

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