‘Grimm’ Hero Walks Away In Season 5 And Follows A Darker Path

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Grimm.

As the previous season of Grimm ended, fans saw Nick Burkhardt lose his mother and his girlfriend, so it was no surprise to learn that Grimm would take a darker turn as the new season premieres, but perhaps fans didn’t really consider what that would mean for Nick, exactly. David Giuntoli revealed that his Grimm character will be consumed by that darkness, even more so than fans may have previously thought.

“I’d say they’re localizing it more to what it was,” Mr. Giuntoli said of Grimm‘s new path. “It seems to be Portland, it seems to be Wesen. It seems to be Nick plotting revenge. I would definitely say I don’t really care about being a cop anymore. I’m just like I’m doing my own grimm thing.”

The big question on many minds is whether or not Nick will be hooking up with Adalind (Claire Coffee) in the fifth year of Grimm. Even after all they have been through as foes and ultimately as uneasy allies, there has been a connection between the grimm and the former hexenbiest that many fans feel should be explored in the next logical step.

“I would say the dynamics have certainly changed. Now Adalind’s having my baby. What?! So that’s changing the dynamics quite a bit,” reveals Giuntoli. “But I want to figure out who did all of these things to me. They beheaded my mom, they killed my woman, and I want to get whoever did that.”

David reveals that his Grimm character will again be relying heavily on his friends, which was something Grimm moved away from during the latter episodes of last season. Now, Mr. Giuntoli reveals that everyone will come together more completely. Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) will again be joining Nick in his quests, something Monroe hadn’t been able to do, while he was protecting Rosalie (Bree Turner) from the Tribunal and the Wesen Council. There is also something going on with Trubel, which, as David Giuntoli suggests, will take up much of Nick’s time.

“I think it’ll re-up the Nick and Monroe relationship. I think they realized that the fans really enjoy that so they want to bring it back,” said the said the Grimm star. “I’ve seen evidence of that. Trubel is who I’m concerned about right now. Something bad happens to her right away.”

The Grimm season premiere will air on Friday, October 30 on NBC.

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