Lindsay Lohan Runs Up $1,300 Bill At Greek Restaurant – And Refused To Pay It! [Video]

Lindsay Lohan had been behaving – until a $1,300 bill arrived at the Mykonos, Greece restaurant Lohan and some guy pals dined at. Radar Online reports that Lindsay Lohan ran up the large bill – then split without even a glance at the bill.

“Everyone, including Lindsay, split without paying!” an insider revealed to Radar. “She told the guys…not to worry about the bill.” The Greek restaurant wasn’t about to put up with Lohan and her friends skipping the bill and went looking for Lindsay. Three days later, the bill still hadn’t been paid!

Eventually, one of the guys Lohan was with “returned to the restaurant to pay up,” an insider close to Lindsay revealed, according to HNGN.

Lindsay Lohan has been working hard on the 125 hours of community service she was ordered to complete after a drunken crash in 2012. “She is committed to satisfying the requirements of the court,” her representative revealed to E! News. In addition to her community service, Lindsay Lohan has been hard at work on a tell-all autobiography.

Lindsay wants to reveal the highs and lows of her celebrity life, including the rougher points, according to HNGN. Fans are wondering if incidents like skipping out on a $1,300 bill will come up in a Lindsay Lohan autobiography.

“She wants to tell everything,” said a source close to Lohan. “Even some of the stuff that happened when she was a kid, growing up in predatory Hollywood. She wants to tell the truth in her own words — about her folks, her job, her love life, the drugs, the parties, the highs, the lows, the lies.”

Fans area also wondering if Lohan will cover her community service – which she apparently performs in a little black dress. E! News reports that Lindsay is continuing her community service at the TLC Women’s Shelter in New York City and appeared to do a little gardening. Lindsay planted flowers and played in the dirt wearing a black dress that revealed part of her purple bra.

Lindsay also posted an obligatory community service selfie on her Instagram account, captioning the snap “Gardening #TLC women’s shelter. #Habibti.” Lindsay has been actively working to complete her community service after a May 7 court date, which revealed Lohan had completed only 9 hours of community service since the 2012 sentence took effect – and the judge was not happy with Lindsay.

In addition to gardening and running up a large bill, Lindsay Lohan has been volunteering at a children’s center. “Lindsay has shown and will continue to show a deep commitment to helping children,” Lohan’s representative told E! News. Lindsay “is committed to satisfying the requirements of the court.”

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