Chrissy Teigen’s Weather Report Fail: Is It Worse Than Katy Perry’s Attempt At Being A Weather Girl? [Video]

Chrissy Teigen’s weather report fail was pretty awkward, but Kayne West should have interrupted it to inform her that Katy Perry has the best weather report fail of all time.

According to Fox News, Chrissy Teigen decided to deliver the scorching hot weather report during an appearance on ABC-13 Houston. She was on the show to promote her new FABLife talk show, but the social media star just couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to create a viral video. She decided to try her hand at being a meteorologist, and she failed pretty miserably.

Chrissy Teigen laughed at herself by sharing the Instagram video below along with the caption, “Learned another job I can’t do.” Things quickly start to go downhill when she has to ask what the first day of the week is.

“OK, let’s start off on — what’s the first day of the week?” Teigen asks. “Ugh what day’s today? Today’s Thursday. 100 degrees today.”

The Sports illustrated swimsuit model wasn’t quite as brave as pop star Katy Perry. According to Buzzfeed, Katy actually decided to tackle a weather map during an appearance on Australia’s Sunrise morning show. Katy’s weather report included a magic wand, a Hogwarts reference, silly voices, many mispronunciations, lots of awkward body movements, and a joke about weather apps. She also got to meet a wax look-alike at the end of her weather report.

The only thing Katy’s weather report was missing was an appearance by Left Shark and Right Shark. Unfortunately for the pop princess, it looks like they’ve joined Chrissy’s squad.

Chrissy Teigen might not be a weather comedian like Katy Perry, but the Lip Sync Battle star still knows how to make her fans smile. As the Inquisitr previously reported, John Legend’s ladylove will get plenty of opportunities to play for laughs when she appears on FABLife this fall. Tyra Banks will co-star on the syndicated lifestyle series, which is a roundtable chat show. According to ABC All Access, FABLife features “a vibrant and engaging team of experts curating the best tips in beauty, fashion, food, DIY and home design.” Chrissy will serve as the series’ foodie, and Tyra will cover “beauty and business.” The show premieres September 14 on ABC.

During her interview with ABC-13, Teigen talked about how excited she is to put her mouth to work after years of silently posing in front of a camera.

“Modeling was always weird to me because they don’t want you to speak,” Teigen said. “And what’s so great about FABLife is that when we sit down and think of ideas and segments that we want to have on the show, they’re very open to your ideas.”

Do you think Chrissy Teigen makes an entertaining weather reporter, or should she stick to talking about food?

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