Tyga Feuding With Chris Brown Over 500-Horsepower Rezvani Beast

Tyga and Chris Brown are feuding, but it’s not over women. Apparently, it’s over sports cars. Tyga’s friendship with the R&B singer recently took a turn for a worse, and it’s over material things.

Tyga, 25, is not happy that his friend Chris Brown, 26, outbid him on a 500-horsepower Rezvani Beast. He was planning to give the vehicle to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner on her 18th birthday. But Brown literally snatched it from under Tyga’s nose.

The vehicle has no doors and no roof. It doesn’t even come with car seats! It only weighs 1,650 pounds and goes 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, according to reports.

According to a recent report via TMZ, Chris outbid Tyga and his birthday plan failed. Chris paid $200,000 plus an extra $35,000 for the sports car so he could have it in the next two weeks. Tyga only put the bid in for the asking price of $165,000. The rapper is not happy that his best friend snatched up the street-legal race car.

“Tyga really wanted to give Kylie the one-of-a-kind car, but he thought it would be absolutely ridiculous to purchase the case for more than it was worth. He’s real p***ed at Chris, though, especially since Chris knew Tyga was trying to cop that ride for Kylie. They even talked about it!”

Tyga’s girlfriend will have to deal with the new white Ferrari that he got her for her birthday instead. The car is reportedly worth between $260,000 and $320,000. The Jenner teen was shocked when the “Rack City” rapper surprised her with the gift in front of Bootsy Bellows nightclub on Sunday, August 9. She was so excited that she hugged Tyga and jumped into the vehicle to try it out.

It seems like the rapper is making headlines for his choice of vehicles lately. TMZ had started the rumor that Tyga was going to give Kylie his ex’s old Mercedes G-Wagon for her birthday. The rumor was started when Kylie was seen driving the car over the weekend, which was painted with a fresh coat of red paint.

Sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner camp told TMZ that the SUV was not a gift. The Jenner teen was only “borrowing” the vehicle for the weekend. It’s unclear what happened to her previous SUV, but it looks like she’s all set now that she has a brand new Ferrari.

With his struggling album sales and constant lawsuits, fans have been wondering how Tyga was able to pay for the gift. Some have even taken to Twitter to poke fun at the rapper.

Do you think it’s silly Tyga and Chris Brown’s friendship to get ruined over material things like sports cars? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV]

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