Taylor Swift’s New ‘Wildest Dreams’ Single Ripped Apart By Katy Perry Fans

Last week, it was announced that Taylor Swift would release a new single called “Wildest Dreams.” Keith Caulfield from Billboard talked about Swift’s likely new hit.

“Taylor Swift’s next single will be… Wildest Dreams. The pop superstar shared the news with a tweet to her 61.6 million followers. The announcement sent ‘Wildest Dreams’ to the top of the real time Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart.”

For some, the news is exciting. However, Katy Perry fans aren’t too exited and have taken to the Internet to show their distaste for Swift and her new single. Some of the comments after the article on Billboard are very telling.

“Sorry, Taylor Swift. But nobody cares about you anymore. People are looking forward to Katy Perry’s new album. Perry is a real talent. You are just a fad who is going down in flames,” writes commenter Lars McDonald.

“Don’t worry, Lars. Swift is a nothing compared to Perry. She may be selling records now but a huge backlash is waiting around the corner. Pretty soon we will be reading about Taylor in rehab,” responded EricIsPorter.

Katy Perry fans also took to Twitter in order to denounce Taylor Swift.

Although feuds in the pop music world are usually made up, the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry appears to be legit. Business Insider says the feud started when three of Taylor Swift’s beloved dancers left her tour so they could go work with Katy Perry. That’s where the “bad blood” started. In fact, it is pretty well known that “Bad Blood” is a diss track from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry. According to the New York Daily News, Swift could have very well dissed Perry on stage recently.

“The 25-year-old songstress belted out her hit track ‘Bad Blood’ during her ‘1989’ stop in Foxborough, Mass., over the weekend and somehow a shark dancer popped up behind a screen.”

The New York Daily News goes on to note that Swift quickly laughed off the cameo appearance and continued singing the song, which is rumored to be written about her former friendship with Perry. Katy Perry famously used sharks during her critically acclaimed Super Bowl performance earlier this year.

Katy Perry currently holds the record for having more number one singles on an album (Teenage Dream) than any other female artist in pop music history. However, it’s quite likely that Taylor Swift could beat that record as the singles from 1989 keep zooming to No. 1. One may hope that Katy Perry celebrates another woman tying or beating her record, but that’s not likely to happen with Taylor Swift.

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