Supergirl: The Gnawing Question On DC Fans’ Minds Has Been Answered, Will She Crossover?

Supergirl has been the hot new DC Comics show tease for the past few months, but the natural question with the explosion of the DCTVU was, will Supergirl crossover with her DC counterparts? The Inquisitr had reported that many were interested in seeing it happen, which surely led to many Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and other fans to ask, should I add Supergirl to my list of programming? Well, according to Comicbook, Supergirl will not crossover with Arrow on the CW.

“Don’t look for crossovers between # Supergirl and #Arrow, on sibling networks. But they’ll run promos for each other. #TCA15”

USA Today’s Gary Levin put the arrow through many DC fans hearts who had hope for Supergirl crossovers for Season 1. Curiously enough, there has not been a Supergirl and the Flash DC crossover yet, or any other DC TV show for that matter.

Though producer Greg Berlanti and CBS Entertainment president have both stated they did not see a crossover in the near future, they both expressed an interest, and again The Flash was not specifically ruled out. Then, of course, there is the constant Supergirl DC promos with The Flash‘s Grant Gustin. Questions abound, none of the DC TV shows to date have immediately began crossovers.

Arrow was kind of the loan gunmen of the group, which was started on its own, but did eventually bring Barry Allen in. It tested the waters of DC Comics fandom and found that the fans wanted the Flash. So, the Flash popped up as a solo series on the CW. Legends of Tomorrow had a little different path, but a very similar idea. Supergirl, though it has had its attempts like The Flash, will obviously need time to break back into TV universe and viewers minds before it could sustain crossovers.

IGN reported that Supergirl and Gotham will share the same time slot, and it created such controversy that CBS had to explain the choice. Though there are obvious concerns with Supergirl running alongside Gotham’s time slot, with so many burgeoning DC TV shows, it was the most obvious choice. Supergirl will more than likely crossover with its DC counterpart the Flash, but obviously anything that crossovers with The Flash might have to crossover with Arrow and others.

Though many claim to be flabbergasted, if Supergirl is to crossover and has yet to be completely ruled out forever, it needs to be just exactly where it is. The question, of course, is whether or not current DC TV fans will rally behind Supergirl, and whether or not it will be simply because of Supergirl or because she is part of the overall DC TV universe. It premieres October 26. DC fans will have to wait and see.

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