‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Won’t Run On Luminous Engine, ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Director Says

So, it seems Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake won’t run on the studio’s new proprietary engine, according to an interview with Final Fantasy XV’s director at Gamescom. The interview, conducted by Nova Crystallis, confirmed the news, teasing new information on the game’s graphics engine to come soon.

Final Fantasy XV looks to shine graphically, so it’s no wonder it was expected that the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake would run on the studio’s shiny new technology. However, Hajime Tabata, the director for Final Fantasy XV, left nothing in doubt as to whether Luminous Engine would be used to power the upcoming Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy VII (Remake) is not planned to be made with that.”

This wouldn’t be the first game since the engine was announce that a big-name Square Enix title wasn’t running on the new tech. Kingdom Hearts III was changed from Luminous Engine to Unreal Engine 4, according to an IGN report. While this doesn’t mean that the new Final Fantasy VII will run on Unreal Engine 4, it does set a precedent that just because it’s a big title from the studio, it’s not assumed that the game will run on the in-house tech.

It’s a shame, as the idea of Final Fantasy VII running on Luminous is an intriguing one. The engine’s power has been touted ever since the first showing at E3 2012, and was made especially enticing after Square Enix released a PC tech demo, further showcasing both the power of the engine and how far the PC has outclassed console hardware since the Xbox One and PS4 launched in 2013. Whatever the engine, Final Fantasy VII Remake will likely look great, and with the added fact that the game isn’t going to be an exact clone of the original Final Fantasy VII, veteran players and newbies alike should find something to enjoy in the long-awaited remake.

Announced at E3 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake is sure to be a hit. Fans have clamored for the remake since the first technical demo was shown back in 2005 on the PlayStation 3. While the details right now are scarce, you can be sure that more information will come out regarding the Remake next year, especially after Final Fantasy XV releases (which is speculated to be 2016).

Looking forward to seeing Final Fantasy VII Remake but upset that it won’t be running on Luminous Engine? Sound off below.

[Image via Square Enix]

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