‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion: Lucas And Petyon Together Again

A One Tree Hill reunion went down this week, and it reunited the show’s fan favorite couple, Lucas Scott and Petyon Sawyer, played by actors Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton.

Hollywood Life reports that Lucas Scott and Petyon Sawyer were together again with some die-hard fans during a fan convention in Wilmington, North Carolina, where the show filmed. One Tree Hill fans rejoiced at the sight of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton together again, but they weren’t the only stars of the show in attendance at the event.

Paul Johansson, who played Lucas and Nathan’s sometimes evil father, Dan Scott, also made an appearance, along with Craig Sheffer, who played Dan’s brother and Lucas’ uncle, Keith Scott, and Bethany Joy Lenz, who played the beloved Haley James Scott, Nathan Scott’s one true love, and Lucas’ best friend forever.

Of course, seeing so many members of the One Tree Hill cast back together only makes fans want an official reunion that much more. It would be so great to go back to Tree Hill and find out what is going on with Lucas, Petyon, Nathan, Haley, Brooke, Julian, Mouth, Milly, Skills, Bevin, Clay, Quinn, and all of their children, especially the adorable Jamie Scott, who was shown as a teenager in the series finale after having broken his father’s, Nathan Scott’s, all time scoring record at Tree Hill high, a record that Nathan himself took from his own father, Dan Scott.

Of course, if a reunion were to happen, Dan would not be a part of it, as he died from his heart defect in the final season of the show. He, along with his brother, Keith, who he shockingly murdered in cold blood seasons before, walked off into the white light together, finishing their story on the series.

However, former One Tree Hill star Bryan Greenberg, who played Petyon’s former love, Jake, and the father of adorable little Jenny, says that a reunion isn’t out of the question. Bryan told Hollywood Life in the past that “you never know” what will happen in the future, and that the cast is still very close.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bryan Greenberg isn’t the only one who would love to do an official One Tree Hill reunion. The show’s creator, Mark Schwan, says he’d totally do a reunion if the cast could get together and carve time out of their busy schedules.

“This is what I love—everybody always pins it on me! They love to pin it on me, but here’s the truth: The cast has been very successful, and if you look around, they’re all doing great things, which I’m incredibly proud of. Get ’em all in one place, and I’ll be there!”

What are your thoughts on the latest One Tree Hill reunion?

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