Leah Messer Slammed By Husband: See What Led To Her Divorce From Jeremy

Leah Messer’s life has completely changed since she started filming Teen Mom. This young mother has already been married and divorced twice, and she has three children. And while her first marriage failed due to cheating, her second marriage is falling apart on television. And it sounds like Jeremy Calvert isn’t being supportive of Messer as she is working through some issues.

Of course, Leah Messer has been dealing with some heavy issues, including accusations of drug use, child neglect, and spanking. Messer wants to be the best mother possible, but that is costing her the marriage.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Leah Messer confronts her husband on this week’s episode of Teen Mom. Clearly, things fell apart for Messer and her husband while they were filming the show, and he has been absent for the first couple of episodes. It is very possible that he was planning on a divorce, while Leah was trying to prove that she was clean in her custody battle with Corey. In this new clip, Leah meets up with Jeremy to drop off their daughter and he implies that she hasn’t been doing enough to work on herself.

“You think I don’t think about these things,” Leah says to her husband in an effort to prove that she is doing better, adding, “I have done nothing but try to work every issue about me that there is so I can be a better person.”

Something must have happened between Leah Messer and Jeremy when the Teen Mom cameras were not around. Jeremy is already distancing himself from Leah, who has been trying to take care of her children. But he doesn’t feel that Leah is doing a good job. He wants to help her, but he doesn’t want to be with Messer.

“You were a great person in the beginning,” Jeremy responded to her, adding, “And then all of a sudden you just started dwindling away. I just want you to get help. You said you loved me. You can’t love me if you don’t love yourself.”

After the confrontation, Messer gets in her car and drives away. Messer is clearly sad about how the conversation went. It sounds like these two gave up on their marriage, because Jeremy didn’t want to wait around while she tried to fix her issues. Plus, Leah has changed since they got married, but she has been going through some tough times.

These days, Messer has already moved on with a new man, and according to the Inquisitr, she has already moved in with him.

Do you think it is fair that Jeremy is giving up on Leah Messer?

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