Flash Tattoo Trend Being Made More Popular

The flash tattoo trend is heating up, and at least it doesn’t seem to be as dangerous of a trend as sunburn art, as reported by the Inquisitr. Another benefit to the flash tattoos filling up social media pics are that they aren’t permanent, so getting a flash tattoo that one regrets needn’t involve laser removal. Getting a flash tattoo doesn’t involve needles or risks of contracting Hepatitis C, and perhaps that’s why flash tattoos are so popular, with their intricate designs that would’ve taken hours to get otherwise.


Although the New York Post has called flash tattoos a trend that needs to go away, fans of the hot summer trend beg to differ.


Beyoncé recently launched a flash tattoo collection, reports TIME. The songstress didn’t simply go with the gold designs so popular on Instagram photos displaying the flash tattoo trend, but has words as well in her collection.


A journey through Instagram on some of the photos with the hashtag #flashtattoo (261,654 posts and counting) reveals some stunning artwork displayed via the temporary tattoos therein.


The #flashtattoos hashtag enjoys 102,391 posts, with some of those users highlighting Beyonce’s flash tattoo product.


The tattoos are reminiscent of henna artwork. However, instead of having a strictly red or brown hue, many of the flash tattoos utilize black, silver or gold colored ink.


In many ways, the flash tattoos — which are also dubbed “body jewelry” — are oftentimes worn as a compliment to real jewelry, generally matching and highlighting the wearer’s own jewelry.


But lots of flash tattoos are pretty enough to wear on their own.


It helps when flash tattoo wearers select colors that compliment and perhaps contrast their own skin, and don’t blend into the hue of their natural coloring.


With the tattoo ink in certain permanent tattoos being recently recalled due to health concerns, flash tattoos are becoming a seemingly safer alternative. Beyonce’s business collaboration with the makers behind the popular flash tattoo trend may have occurred at just the right time for the superstar.


Time will tell if the flash tattoo craze is simply a “flash in the pan” trend, or something long lasting. For the flash tattoo trend to keep its momentum, the makers of the designs would have to come up with new and interesting designs to keep consumers’ interest — and therefore, keep sales afloat and profitable.

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