Gary Coleman’s Former Wife And Girlfriend Battle Over His Estate

Gary Coleman, the famous childhood actor that starred in “The Diff’rent Strokes” television series, died of a head injury sustained in a fall two years ago, leaving an estate that has been claimed by two people. Anna Gray, Coleman’s ex-girlfriend and former manager of his estate, and Shannon Price, Coleman’s ex-wife who continued to live with Coleman after their divorce in 2008 until his death in 2010, both claim to be the beneficiary to Coleman’s estate, which contains a house worth $324,000, a pension, and other unknown assets.

The unfolding court battle is taking place in Provo, Utah. Anna Gray is representing herself in court and she claims that in 2005 Coleman named her the beneficiary and executor to his estate. Gray asked Price why she had her name removed from the deed to the house to which Price replied that it was a condition of the divorce.

Shannon Price, age 26, said that she met Gary Coleman while filming the movie “Church Ball” in 2005. They married in 2007 and divorced less than a year later for reasons that are sealed by a court order. Price and Coleman continued to live together following the divorce until his death in 2010.

Price stated in court that although her relationship with her now deceased ex-husband had “ups and downs… we couldn’t be without each other”, which is why they continued to live with each other even after divorce.
However, Audra Wright, Price and Coleman’s neighbor, testified in court that Price and Coleman kept separate bed rooms and that their house was messy. Wright testified that Price often complained to her about fights, financial problems, and once asked her “…[if she had] seen a black guy with a black eye?”, after which “…she called Gary over and said ‘Show her your black eye'”.

Wright claims that Price would grab Coleman by the wrist and pull him along instead of holding hands and that she “…[thought] that made him look like a child”.

Although Coleman’s estate is not that sizable, many believe that there is real value is in the rights to the Gary Coleman brand.

Coleman’s parents have not yet tried to claim to be the beneficiary.
Source: Y! Finance News

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