‘Fantastic Four’ Still Slated For Sequels According To Fox

The Fantastic Four movie might be considered a colossal flop these days, but it appears that the studio is not willing to completely abandon the franchise just yet. As we all know, this Fantastic Four movie was supposed to reboot and restart the Marvel Comics movie series that had actually gotten its start before Captain America, Thor, and Ant Man. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a darker and grittier look at the heroes who gained their powers through some sort of cosmic exposure looks like it might need a reboot itself.

As The Hollywood Reporter has pointed out, the Fantastic Four took in just over $26 million in its opening weekend and saw terrible reviews. That particular take is the lowest of any of the big budget comic book hero movie series. The lack of money paired with the less than impressive reviews would seem to mean that the Fantastic Four was going to be left for dead as other movies that are derived from comic books continue to see record success. It’s actually kind of impressive that Fox doesn’t seem to want to leave the Fantastic Four in the dust with all that piled up against it.

Contacted for comment about the particularly impressive failure of the Fantastic Four, the studio released a statement that made it clear it hasn’t given up on the franchise just yet. “While we’re disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe.” Fox said in the statement. One does have to wonder just how the company might move forward with the Fantastic Four. Director Josh Trank was rather vocal about his displeasure with the studio.

The young director even went so far as to directly blame Fox for why his Fantastic Four flick was so bad. With those bad feelings in the wind, it would seem as though the studio will be going with a different director if they do indeed manage to bring a sequel to market. It should be pointed out that sometimes, even bad reviews can’t derail movies that are part of a franchise. G.I. Joe certainly wasn’t loved, but it still got a second movie. Of course, that flick had a better opening weekend. If the film does actually get a sequel, it will have to find a way to go in another direction with the same actors. It seems unlikely the Fantastic Four could survive yet another reboot.

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