George Clooney Divorce Rumor: Amal Alamuddin Reportedly Makes George Sell Properties That Remind Her Of His Other Women

George Clooney is reportedly headed for divorce, with reports that the actor’s playboy past is tearing the marriage apart.

Rumors of trouble in the relationship have dogged the couple since even before they were married last year, but recent reports indicate that they may be on the brink of divorce. A new report from OK! magazine indicates that George has been taking desperate measures to rid himself of his past, including selling the homes that reminded Amal of his past loves.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports on Clooney’s sell off.

“This week’s edition of OK! Magazine reveals that George Clooney is listing multiple properties for sale, and the actor is parting ways with his villa in Italy, his beach house in Cabo, his apartment in New York City, and his house in the popular Los Angeles area, Fryman Cannon. An insider revealed to OK! Magazine that Amal ordered George to sell all of his homes that he used to entertain multiple women in when he was one of Hollywood’s most sought after bachelors.”

The source told OK! magazine that selling off his properties has been difficult for Clooney.

“Those houses hold a lot of happy memories for George but she hates the thought of sleeping in the same rooms as his former lovers. He knows that it is pointless arguing with her, she is a lawyer and she always wins,” the source said.

It’s unclear if the property sales truly indicate that the couple is headed for divorce, and Celeb Dirty Laundry has been known to report on divorce rumors with little or no backing.

In fact, other recent reports point to a different side of the relationship for George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. A new novel from Australian writer Kathy Lette may shed some light on the love the two share for each other.

Lette is a longtime friend of Amal, and her new romantic legal thriller, Courting Trouble, has characters that appear to be based on George and Amal. In the novel, Lette appears to show the loving side of George and Amal, and she has noted that “watching George and Amal is entertaining. Interacting with them is like ‘watching a rom-com in front of you.'”

If George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are headed for divorce, it appears that the couple is doing a fantastic job of fooling everyone. They were spotted this weekend on a very romantic date, showing affection that does not appear to be indicative of a couple on the rocks.

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