Social Media: Five Best Practices To Use For Customer Service

Social media platforms are quickly becoming some of the most effective marketing tools for businesses around the world.

When it comes to reaching the most people in the least time, using popular platforms – such as Facebook and Twitter – allows the average business to stay connected with a substantial number of existing customers and prospective clients.

However, finding effective customer service tips to follow in order to achieve the maximum benefits is the most important step to take in this regard.

Forbes published a detailed report outlining quite a few effective tips and tricks shared by some of the biggest social media thought leaders in the business world.

Bill Quiseng, a customer service blogger, shared five specific best practices that were listed among the others.

1. Handling Customer Complaints: Quiseng states that handling customer complaints online via social media is very similar to handling customer complaints in the offline world of brick-and-mortar stores.

“Listen, empathize, apologize, respond, thank. Offer atonement as necessary.”

It is rather easy to forget that customers are still expecting superior customer service online – even through a Facebook page or Twitter profile. Therefore, handling customer complaints (and service overall) the same as you would in a traditional store is undoubtedly the best approach to take in this regard.

2. Urgency: According to Quiseng, maintaining a high sense of urgency is another crucial point to take into consideration – especially when it comes to service recovery. Within the traditional world, damage control can become rather difficult – especially when it is hard to get in contact with the affected customers (or guests). However, social media leaves that door of opportunity open as long as you take full advantage of it while there is still time.

3. Remember Permanency of Posts: Once something is out on the Internet, it is gone forever. Even if you try to delete a post, chances are that it will live on even in cache, temporary internet files or captured screenshots that can quickly become viral pictures when shared online. Pay close attention to what you post before you post it.

4. Focus on the Channel Used: When a customer reaches out to you via one specific platform, Quiseng suggests that you use the same platform to respond. For instance, do not respond to a Facebook complaint via Twitter or vice versa.

5. Say ‘Thank You’: Do not forget to thank the customers that you communicate with via social media. Whether it is a commendation or a complaint, Quiseng advises all businesses using social media for customer service purposes to say “Thank you” before closing out a conversation.

What do you think about the best practices outlined here? Are there any other practical social media tips that should be added to the list?

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