‘We Are So Desensitized To Human Atrocities’: Teens React To Cecil The Lion Killing In Viral Video

Social media blew up with people expressing their outrage after it was reported that Cecil the lion was killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist. The beloved lion was mourned by Americans with many calling for the American dentist Walter Palmer to face charges for the unlawful killing of the lion. However, others claimed that the killing was not the fault of Palmer but instead the hunting guide that was paid $55,000 to lead the hunt for the wealthy American. Still others say the outrage is misplaced and we should be more concerned about human atrocities. Therefore, Fine Brothers Entertainment set out to discover what teens think about the death of Cecil the Lion in their “Teens React” segment.

The video was uploaded to the Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel today and has already gone viral. The video has received over 310,000 views since the time of this posting and continues to grow. So what did the teens have to say about the majestic lion’s death?

It seems that many of the teens agreed with the general outrage over the lion’s death. One teen says she “hates” Walter Palmer for what he did to Cecil, and the majority of the teens felt that he should be punished for his wrongdoing. However, when questioned further about why Cecil the lion was getting so much media attention when there are other horrendous acts taking place against humans across the globe, some of the teens offered their perspective on why people may care about animals more than humans.

One teen notes that we are “desensitized” to atrocities against humans because it is constantly in our faces through the media all the time.

“We are so desensitized to human atrocities.”

Another teen notes that she feels strongly about the lion killing because it doesn’t involve race and no one can claim it does ensuring everyone is on the same page.

“I guess, because, the lion doesn’t involve racism. Cause when it’s like, ‘oh it’s a black person getting killed again,’ everyone’s going to have their own opinion on it. But with the lion, I feel like everyone’s on the same page.”

What do you think about the teens’ reactions to the Cecil the lion killing?

[Image Credit: Youtube]

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