Ben Affleck Update: Nanny May Give ‘Tell All’ Interview On Alleged Affair

A reported private affair between Ben Affleck and his former nanny may turn out to be one of the actor’s most public embarrassments yet as the ex-nanny is reported to possibly be ready to give a “tell-all” interview.

New York Daily News reports that Christine Ouzounian, a former nanny for the Affleck family, may tell the world about her private affair with Ben, a discreet tryst that’s rumored to have started 10 years ago. According to an undisclosed source close to the nanny, she is truly enjoying the fame she’s getting, including offers to appear on numerous talk shows.

“She has been offered several interviews, including paid appearances on ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ These two outlets often pay for access and, at the moment, no one is a bigger get than her.”

Ouzounian, a Santa Monica native, is currently staying in an upscale hotel in Los Angeles, and according to another source, and she is fully taking advantage of situation. She was recently spotted romping around in a revealing bathing suit, and photographers captured several pictures of her, even though she was at a private pool area.


“Many believe it was Ouzounian herself who tipped off the photographers to the private pool-area shoot. The picture looks totally staged. Who would even recognize her? And a giveaway is that her hair is perfect and she’s wearing makeup. No one looks this good when they think they are relaxing in private. This girl knows what she is doing.”

Yet, Ouzounian is rumored to want a long-term romantic relationship with Affleck, despite her antics. Friends suspect that now that Affleck’s marriage is almost over, Ouzounian wants to make the relationship valid and public. Affleck, however, who was recently spotted in Atlanta wearing his wedding band, may not be too keen on the idea.

Another source feels that Ouzounian was only a fling for Affleck, and even though she has ideals of a loving relationship with the actor, it probably will never happen.

“At the moment Ben has managed to keep her quiet. Wait until she finds out that she was just a fling and he has no interest in dating her. How’s he going to shut her up then? We are patient. We will wait until Christine is ready.”

So far, Ouzounian hasn’t indicated whether she will open up and give interviews about the secret affair. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck continues to deny that the affair ever took place.

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