‘The End Times’: Fans Favor Smashing Pumpkins, Has Manson Lost The Love?

The End Times Tour combines Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins in a co-headlining concert, but the crowd in Chicago was decidedly dedicated in one direction. On August 7, fans were in favor of the 1990s smash alternative band The Smashing Pumpkins. It wasn’t as if Manson didn’t have his share of fans at the FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, as the shock rocker has had a large and diverse fanbase since the debut of Antichrist Superstar. But the crowd on Friday Night was enthusiastically there to welcome home Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and company, according to the Examiner.

Manson has never been short on fans, with his outrageous looks, scary contacts, and shocking lyrics that often challenge religion and authority, but the Smashing Pumpkins are a much more mainstream band that got tons on airtime during the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly a favorite amongst college students. While they were individual enough to be labeled “alternative” (probably due to rather obscure lyrics at times) there was nothing shocking about them so they drew a large following of diverse ages and musical interests. The fact that Manson teamed up with the Pumpkins is a little odd in and of itself, as the two groups are not of the same genre. However, ticket sales are booming, so it was apparently a good team in theory.

Corgan offered a thank you to his fans that sounded much more like an apology, partially due to the fact that his band’s inconsistencies since their formation and particularly since their re-emergence in 2005, according to The Chicago Tribune.

“I don’t always do a good job showing it, but I do appreciate all the love you’ve shown me.”

He was welcomed warmly while 46-year-old Manson got only a lukewarm response during his 45 minute stage performance. His standbys of burning Christian Bibles, bizarre makeup, and theatrics were the same as they were 20 years ago as previously reported by the Inquisitr, but the crowd seemed less than enthusiastic. It’s difficult to say what the particular issue is — The Smashing Pumpkins is a significantly different genre from Manson, who had quite a following throughout the 90s as well, but perhaps those fans have matured and grown more conservative, or perhaps Manson was simply upstaged by the beloved, though unpredictable Billy Corgan in his hometown of Chicago. While Manson continues to produce music and still has a following, he may need to team up with different musicians in order to offer a more dynamic show.

[Photo by Daniel DeSlover/Concert Capture]

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