Miley Cyrus Asks Taylor Swift ‘How T—ies Are Worse Than Guns’

Admittedly, Miley Cyrus is not an easy celebrity to like for most people outside of the 9-18 demographic, but Ms. Cyrus made a solid point in her criticism of Taylor Swift’s newest music video, “Bad Blood.”

“I don’t get the violence revenge thing,” Miley said of the video, which features Taylor Swift enlisting the help of her cronies to get revenge on a former friend. “That’s supposed to be a good example?” she asked. “And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my t***ies out?”

Cyrus voices a harsh, but true criticism of American society in her critiquing of Ms. Swift’s music video, but no matter how many times notable celebrities and politicians make the same observation, it goes unnoticed by the majority. Even in a society faced with gun violence that has grown immensely out of control, the American public still fails to recognize the problem. As long as pop culture is able to romanticize and promote violence, exposing it to young audiences in movie theaters, on television screens, and in music videos, while at the same time vilifying those expressing human sexuality, there will always be a problem with violence in America.

It seems Miley Cyrus is just as confused.

“I’m not sure how t****ies are worse than guns.”

It seems Taylor Swift was once a fan and good friend to Ms. Cyrus, so perhaps Taylor will take Miley’s criticism to heart and take a good look at her own contributions to our society’s violent subcultures. In fact, speaking of her cameo in 2009’s Hannah Montana: The Movie, Swift had nothing but praise for Ms. Cyrus.

“It’s so cool to become a part of the Hannah Montana phenomenon that’s taking over the world right now,” Ms. Swift said. “Miley is pretty much the same person off camera that you see on camera. She is so outgoing and everything is big and huge and awesome. She’s just such a positive person. She’s not reserved. She doesn’t hold anything back, which is one of my favorite things about her.”

Ms. Cyrus was discussing the issue of Taylor’s music video, as a part of an interview in anticipation of emceeing the 2015 MTV VMAs, in which “Bad Blood” has received several nominations, including Video of the Year. Miley also commented on the double standard facing those in the music industry.

“There is so much sexism, ageism, you name it,” Miley said. “Kendrick Lamar sings about LSD and he’s cool. I do it and I’m a druggie whore.”

The full interview with Miley Cyrus is featured in the September issue of Marie Claire, which hits newsstands on August 18.

[Featured image: Miley Cyrus courtesy of Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

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