Facebook Mobile Users Spend More Time On Site Than PC Users

If you are currently browsing Facebook from a mobile device there is a good chance you spend more time on the world’s largest social network than your PC browsing friends. According to a recent study released by comScore, the typical Facebook user spends 441 minutes browsing Facebook from their phone, while computer use accounts for an average of 391 minutes.

Using its new Mobile Metrix 2.0 tool comScore discovered that this mobile trend appears to be true for almost all social networks including Twitter, Pinterest and Foursquare, the latter which we could have guessed on our own since it is largely a location-based service run on iPhone and Android based devices.

The study also found that more users still access Facebook via PC with approximately 159 million unique visitors logging on daily compared to 78 million users who check Facebook on a daily basis from their smartphones.

The move towards longer engagement times on mobile devices comes at a time when Facebook has just begun rolling out mobile based ads for its platform, however critics still argue that Facebook isn’t doing enough to leverage the revenue power associated with its mobile users.

Facebook in its IPO filing admits the company needs to keep a tight reign on mobile device use:

“If users increasingly access mobile products as a substitute for access through personal computers…” it contends. Monetization across the site itself still remains a concern as well, although it has recently trialed ‘sponsored stories’ among other strategies” – Electronista.

In the meantime Facebook is rumored to be working with HTC on a smartphone that will more closely integrate with Facebook, allowing users to stay connected for longer period of time with advertising tailored towards mobile users.

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