Rachael Ray “Exorcised” Martha Stewart Studio Before She Would Use It

Home design guru and chef Martha Stewart and chef/talk-show host Rachael Ray are not exactly best of friends and that point was driven home recently when Rachael Ray refused to move into Stewart’s Chelsea studio until it had been properly “exorcised.”

Ray reportedly had her employees burn bundles of sage which she said would chase away negative “spirits” from the space. According to a source speaking with the New York Post:

“She ordered her staff to ‘sage the place.”

Located at 221 W. 26th St (New York City), the location was home for years to The Martha Stewart Show which received the ax in late 2011 after the Hallmark Channel witnessed dismal ratings for the show.

Stewart in the meantime is still using the space through late June for her show Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.

Speaking about the pairs duel a source close to the action revealed:

“There is bad blood between the two chefs. Martha has spoken openly about her disdain for Rachael.”

That same source says Martha programs that Rachael Rays lifestyle is “not good enough for me. She’s more of an entertainer . . . with her bubbly personality, than she is a teacher, like me.”

In the meantime the use of sage may be slow acting, after all it won’t drive Martha out of the building until June, perhaps Rachael Ray should order her employees to use even more of the product.

Martha Stewart’s team in the meantime says the sage burning practice never occured although they admit Rachael Ray’s staff had been given early access to the studio as a courtesy.

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