Wendy Williams Falling Onstage Leads To Cruel Comments

Wendy Williams makes a living talking about the misfortunes of celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and many others. On Saturday night, Williams had her own misfortune. Gossip Cop has the news.

“Wendy Williams took a nasty fall on stage Saturday during her ‘The Sit Down Tour… Too Real For Standup’ comedy show at The Hobby Center in Houston.”

Gossip Cop goes on to note that Williams was walking towards the edge of the stage during her show when she misjudged the steps and fell to the ground. Williams had a sense of humor about it: As soon as a security guard helped her up, she put her hands on her hips and posed for photos in front of the audience.

Unfortunately, for Williams, it doesn’t appear that people are concerned about her well-being as most of the Internet is mocking her, just like she mocks other celebrities (hello, Madonna) who have fallen. Dallas Black believes Wendy Williams is getting a taste of her own medicine.

“Can we be petty and chalk this up to being Karma? We have a feeling this won’t make the HOT TOPICS segment of her show tomorrow!”

After the Gossip Cop article, some of the comments were nasty.

“I keep watching this video and can’t stop laughing hysterically. Wendy Williams is one nasty man. She makes all her money off of the misfortune of others as well as making racist and misogynistic comments towards female celebrities. She should join Kelly Osbourne in the Karma department,” says Proud Gay Millennial.

“Didn’t Wendy make fun of Madonna’s ‘fall’ (it wasn’t even a fall as she was pulled) and criticize her Black children for trying to help her afterwards? Wendy, you are digging your own backlash and I am glad people are laughing at you,” writes Ted Lopez.

Let’s hope Wendy Williams doesn’t read Twitter this morning.

Wendy Williams will most likely laugh off the event, as she always has a sense of humor about herself. Whether or not you like Williams’ style of humor, you can’t deny her success. According to Advertising Age, Williams attracts 2.4 million viewers a day. Her “Hot Topics” segment always goes viral right after it airs. Many people are asking if Wendy Williams will include her fall on the “Hot Topics” segment Monday. Judging from Williams past shows, the definite answer is “Yes!”

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