‘Destiny’ Getting ‘Tons Of Exotics’ In ‘The Taken King,’ Gunsmith Learns New Tricks

The upcoming Destiny 2.0 update will have plenty of new Exotics to wield against the Darkness while the Gunsmith is learning some new tricks such as “Armsday.”

“We’ve got more weapons and gear than were in the shipping game back in September 2014,” Bungie Community Manager Eric “Urk” Osborne told IGN in a “Fireteam Chat” podcast.

This includes a “ton of new exotics” and “tons of new gear” as well, according to Osbourne.

One of those new weapons was given a sneak peak via Game Informer as part of its September cover. The Sleeper Stimulant is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that sits in the heavy weapons slot and fire powerful laser bolts that will ricochet off walls. It also demonstrates many of the changes coming to Exotics in “The Taken King.”

Destiny: The Taken King (PlayStation, Xbox)

Bungie is embracing the approach of players going on journeys to earn the best Exotic weapons in Destiny similar to the Thorn and Bad Juju bounties from launch. Players will use the new quest system to collect relics from the Golden Age scattered across the game world. The pieces are then brought to the gunsmith to kick off a series of missions to repair and reactivate an Exotic weapon.

Each Exotic weapon from the Destiny “The Taken King” DLC also comes with an intrinsic perk that is already unlocked when the weapon is obtained. Upgradeable perks are available as well, but the perk that makes an Exotic special will be available immediately.

Meanwhile, the Gunsmith’s role continues to be increased in Destiny. He started out as a mere seller of common and rare weapons before eventually gaining the ability to reforge weapons with the “House of Wolves” weapons. Now his role expands to not just an Exotic weapon waypoint but also allowing players to test prototype weapons and more.

Destiny: The Taken King (PlayStation, Xbox)

The Gunsmith now has his own reputation meter, which can be leveled by testing out prototypes in the field.

“Test weapons have a built-in challenge, like kill Hive on the Dreadnaught, or use this sniper rifle to get headshots in the Crucible,” Creative Director Luke Smith told Game Informer. “You can check out as many as you want at a time, up to your inventory capacity. It’s like a bounty that’s built into the weapon.”

Completing these prototype bounties increases the character’s reputation level with the Gunsmith. Armsday purchases are then opened up once you reach a certain level. This allows players to pay glimmer toward a Legendary weapon from one of the new weapon foundries that will arrive once a week with a random set of perks.

What do you think of the changes with Exotic weapons and the Gunsmith in Destiny’s “The Taken King” DLC? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Game Informer, Bungie]

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