WWE News: WWE Superstar Sheamus Out Of Action Due To A Concussion

WWE Superstar and 2015 Money in the Bank winner Sheamus has been an interesting case since his return months back. Not only was he credited with the injury to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, but he has also been linked to a few other bumps and bruises to WWE talent. Now it appears as if he might have gotten a receipt for those actions.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Sheamus is currently out of action due to a concussion. The story is going around among the WWE talent backstage, but WWE has yet to make an official statement on the matter. They didn’t make anything official with Daniel Bryan and others for a while either. If any issue is linked to the head, it appears WWE doesn’t want to talk about it. This is mainly due to the current lawsuit facing WWE regarding head injuries.

Sheamus did end up missing Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown taping, and he was not on the Australian Tour, which he was advertised for. It appears WWE is keeping him out on a precautionary measure. This probably means that WWE feels his concussion isn’t severe at this point. He very well could pass all tests and be back on television soon. However, it is uncertain if it will on tomorrow night’s WWE RAW.

Most would assume that since Sheamus isn’t linked to any major WWE SummerSlam match, WWE could just not use him until after the event is over at the end of the month. They could simply have him on shows to do promos but not wrestle. As a result, we shouldn’t expect Sheamus to be out for too long.

If it is a concussion, however, WWE will probably be extra careful. Daniel Bryan, for example, has been cleared by a neurologist to return to action. However, a WWE sanctioned doctor seems to be against Bryan returning despite the tests he has passed. WWE seems to be very cautious with Bryan. Although Sheamus does not have the kind of injury history Bryan has, one could imagine that WWE will be cautious with him as well.

Many think that this is so WWE will look good during the lawsuit. If anyone gets a head injury, WWE will most likely end up being super cautious even if they are cleared to return to action. We can also expect WWE to not announce anything on the injury either.

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