Taylor Swift To Star In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’?

Taylor Swift is often in the news, and it’s usually for her offstage activities, such as her recent unexpected charitable donation to a young cancer patient with leukemia. The recently crowned Queen of Pop has seldom shied away from trying her hand at whatever opportunities come her way, and recent rumors about a reported film role gave her excited fans an opportunity to see Taylor Swift try out her acting skills on the big screen.

It all started when Simon Kinberg, one of the writers of the X-Men franchise, tweeted a photo with Taylor Swift and X-Men: Apocalypse stars James McAvoy and Sophie Turner back in July. The innocent tweet was interpreted as a sign that Taylor Swift was finally ready to jump the ship and don the role of superheroine Dazzler in the latest installment of the X-Men series.

In the days to follow, social media was abuzz with Taylor Swift’s fans hoping that she had secretly agreed to enter X-Men’s cinematic universe.

In fact, Comic Book reported that, speaking earlier to Entertainment Weekly, Kinberg himself fueled speculations when in a rather cryptic response to the interviewer’s questions, he joked that he was part of Taylor Swift’s ever-growing “squad” of fans.

But now Taylor Swift fans are set to be disappointed with Sophie Turner revealing in an interview with E! Online that the pop-star is not starring in X-Men: Apocalypse. When asked if the rumors were true, Turner replied with a definitive “no,” going on to disclose the secret behind Kinberg’s Twitter photo.

“We just went to her concert and then I guess she wanted to meet us and we really wanted to meet her so we just hung out with her for a bit. Played a couple of drinking games. It was awesome.”

However, in an earlier interview with Time, Turner was not as emphatic in her answer, leaving some scope for Taylor Swift’s fans to speculate.

“Actually that was just us going to her concert and then meeting her. I think people are thinking she’s going to be in ‘X-Men’. But you never know. She could be great in this movie.”

Turner went so far as to describe what superpower would best fit Taylor Swift.

“She probably would have this feminist power—she would be the leader of the girl pack, and we’d all be her squad.”

All of it sounds a bit like the “Bad Blood” video, doesn’t it? Though we would love to see Taylor Swift in an X-Men avatar, it seems like we’d have to make do with her music for the time being.

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