Carrie Underwood, No Makeup Needed, Gets Her Post-Pregnancy Glow On With Workout & Vegan Diet [Photos]

Carrie Underwood flaunted her “no makeup” selfie after getting her glow on naturally by working out. Carrie, 32, is loving the double roles of new mom and successful singer, and Underwood has learned to make time for exercise in her busy life, reported Us Weekly.

Helping with their son, Isaiah, is Carrie’s husband, Mike Fisher. Underwood and the NHL player married in 2010.

With no makeup needed to showcase Carrie’s beauty, Underwood has proved that she knows how to plaster on the cosmetics to rock the red carpet at events such as the CMT Music Awards. Carrie was one of the fashion and figure phenoms at the June 10 event.

And now, Underwood is sharing just how she managed to achieve her post-pregnancy sleek physique by providing a look at her routine via social media.

“Cloudy but no rain = perfect day to run outside!” wrote Carrie. “1mi treadmill warmup, tabata arms and abs, finish up with a 3 mile run/lunge up the hills.”

Underwood posted all the details about her workout, then showed her sense of humor about her sweaty no-makeup look.

And dog lover Carrie expressed appreciation to her puppy, Penny, for help cleaning up the sweat.

“I’m a sweaty mess, but fortunately I have sweet [dog] Penny to help get me cleaned up!” posted Carrie.

In addition to Underwood’s no-makeup-needed-to-glow selfie, Carrie revealed what it’s like doing her new campaign for Almay.

“Love this Evening Smoky look!” emphasized Carrie in her behind-the-scenes look.

Underwood, in addition to sharing her no-makeup workout, also shared a detailed diary from her vegan diet, reported Rachael Ray magazine.

“I’m always thirsty when I wake up, so I guzzle a bottle of Smartwater before I scramble tofu with onions, peppers and spinach and top it with salsa. I’ve been a vegetarian for years, but I recently became vegan,” noted Carrie.

After chowing down, Underwood works out, and sometimes adds in more exercise by taking the dogs to play.

“The dogs win big because I’ll take them to the dog park for a major romp!” revealed Carrie. “I usually eat enough at breakfast to tide me over until lunch, but today I grab some almonds. Later I’ll record this in my food journal. I’ve been tracking what I eat for six years.”

For lunch, Underwood usually makes her own or gets a vegetable sandwich.

“Doing the weekly shopping, I stock up on stir-fry kits, Amy’s meatless burgers, and armloads of onions and garlic,” revealed Carrie.

In addition to almonds, snacks sometimes include dark chocolate.

“I also love Raw Revolution bars, made with hemp protein, flaxseeds, fruit and nuts,” said Underwood. “Mike and I team up to make dinner. I use Daiya vegan cheese to make a quesadilla filled with beans and lentils. It’s funny: I ate tons of fried food as a kid, but my diet is so different now. It’s worth it — I feel great.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Carrie has gotten raves for her post-baby weight loss.

But Carrie admitted that her post baby life has its challenges when it comes to her own exercise time.

“Having a baby definitely changes your routine, and I have to work around his schedule,” said Underwood.

[Disclaimer: The Inquisitr strongly recommends you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. The Inquisitr does not endorse any of the diets or diet techniques mentioned in this article.]

[Image Via Carrie Underwood / Instagram]

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