‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel Will Happen, Kurt Sutter Says

The Sons of Anarchy prequel has long been on the wishlist of fans hoping to see SAMCRO in action one last time.

Ever since Sons of Anarchy‘s finale premiered back in December of last year, talks of a prequel have been doing the rounds on social media with increasing frequency. Sons of Anarchy‘s creator, Kurt Sutter, has himself never denied the possibility of a Sons of Anarchy prequel series or even a film, and now it appears that those possibilities have received a shot in the arm, with Sutter admitting that a Sons of Anarchy prequel is definitely something that interests him deeply.

Speaking to E! Online at the 2015 Summer TCA press tour, Sutter implied that fans could expect a prequel, but it could take longer than fans are hoping for.

“It’s something that we have talked about. It’s something that we have interest in. We are interested. I think the timing of it really depends on what unfolds. I think for me, and the network, it’s taking the next obvious and right choice and [The Bastard Executioner] is the energy we’re moving in now.”

Sutter then went on to talk about the reasons that he did not push for a Sons of Anarchy prequel immediately after the show ended.

“I knew I didn’t want to do anything that was Sons related immediately [after it ended]. I didn’t want to come right off of that and do a prequel or anything like that. I wanted to give it a couple years to breathe before we came back to do it. So none of that has gone away. We’ll see how the next couple years or at least the next year with [The Bastard Executioner] unfolds and then we’ll have to see.”

Which means a Sons of Anarchy prequel is not in the cards for at least another year, and if The Bastard Executioner hits the ground running (as we expect it to), it could mean an even longer wait for the fans. According to Latino Post, however, real-life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer could be cast in the prequel, after it was revealed that they could not star in Sons of Anarchy due to scheduling issues. It seems that the pair remain keen to take part in something Sons of Anarchy-related if an opportunity arose in the future.

Kurt Sutter also spoke about how the prequel would be different from the original show.

“I see it as a different show in terms of I don’t think it will be as pulpy … I feel it will be a little more, I don’t want to say a historical show, but it takes place in the ’60s and it’s Vietnam, so there’s a lot of iconic events happenings around it that influence John Teller. To me, that’s an interesting show to make and I think the die-hard fans will plug into that and I think maybe because if it’s tonally, it’ll be a little different, that perhaps that we bring in new viewers as well.”

So a period Sons of Anarchy prequel with vintage bikes, a lot of hippies in the background, and some Pink Floyd — that sounds just the kind of thing Sons of Anarchy fans will wait for. Won’t you?

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