Is Kelly Osbourne Now More Disliked Than Kanye West?

The severe fallout from Kelly Osbourne‘s comments about Latinos and cleaning toilets continues. It’s not so much that people believe Osbourne is racist. However, they do believe she is a hypocrite. In Touch Weekly talks about the controversy.

“Kelly Osbourne was a guest co-host on The View earlier this week, and put her foot in her mouth when she made a very questionable remark about the Latino community just months after she slammed Fashion Police cohost Giuliana Rancic for comments about 18-year-old Zendaya’s dreadlocks.”

One would think that the backlash would have died down after a couple days, but it hasn’t. A petition at, which aims to get both Kelly and her mother Sharon deported from the U.S., has received 81 signatures since first appearing on Wednesday. The mission statement, aimed at President Obama, is pretty harsh.

“Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are entitled piglets who think they can constantly criticize and demean people. However, Sharon has proven what a bad mother she is by all her kids becoming drug addicts. Her daughter Kelly has the guts to say that all Latinos clean toilets.”

Joel McHale has also slammed Kelly Osbourne on a recent episode of The Soup. Entertainment Weekly has the details of McHale satirically quoting Osborne.

“No, I meant it like there are some jobs upper-class who tend to be white won’t do, and that’s what Mexicans are for. I can’t believe you’d think I meant it any other way.”

Entertainment Weekly, like In Touch Weekly and many other news outlets, notes how Kelly Osbourne threw Giuliana Rancic under the rug for a statement Rancic didn’t mean to be racist. The comments under the Entertainment Weekly article are some that Osbourne hopefully won’t read.

“Kelly is a hypocrite. It was dirty of her to turn on Rancic publicly the way she did. She was on a show whose main purpose was to make catty comments about fashion, and it was nothing compared to most of what Joan Rivers said,” writes commenter Annabelle.

“Kelly is as ugly inside as she is on the outside,” writes glibber.

There have been some people, such as Whoopi Goldberg, who have defended Kelly Osbourne. They say that her intentions were good, but her words came out completely wrong. In today’s social media world, everybody is looking to bring celebrities down, whether their intentions were noble or not. Perhaps, Kelly Osbourne has learned a valuable lesson on the power of words.

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