Jessica Jung: Former Girls’ Generation Member Officially Parts From SM Entertainment

Earlier this week, the K-pop community was hit with sad news pertaining to popular girl group, f(x). Reportedly, Sulli officially parted ways with the group. Since then, f(x) adjusted itself into a four-member group. To be frank however, it is not surprising Sulli would leave. Many fans thought it would eventually happen sooner or later given the fact she’s been concentrating more on her solo career, specifically acting. However, it should be noted that despite Sulli leaving f(x), she is still under contract with SM Entertainment.

Sulli’s situation is actually similar to another former member of another popular K-pop group, Jessica Jung. Last year, Jung parted ways with Girls’ Generation to pursue her solo career. This includes starting a new fashion line, photography shoots, and is pursuing an acting career. Yet, she was still signed on with SM Entertainment. Now that is no longer the case. It has officially been announced that Jessica Jung and SM Entertainment have parted ways.

According to AllKpop, the news of Jessica Jung’s departure from SM Entertainment came suddenly. Both parties released statements pertaining to the situation. SM Entertainment provided the following.

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

“After discussing with Jessica, who has been an artist under SM Entertainment this past while, we have both decided to go our separate ways for the progress of each.

“Please cheer on Jessica who will be starting a new beginning.”

Take note how brief and straight-forward SM Entertainment’s statement reads. Apparently, many fan groups (including the Sones, despite the fact Jessica Jung is no longer with Girls’ Generation) think the agency is showing some animosity. However, Jung didn’t show such in her official statement.

“Hello, this is Jessica.

“I’m here to let you know that after negotiating with SM Entertainment, we have ended our contract and have officially decided to go our separate ways. I cherish the times I have had with SM Entertainment, and I hope that there will be good fortune lying ahead for SM Entertainment.

“And also, to all my cherished fans, I’m always thankful for your unchanging support and love. I will do my best to show you what you are anticipating from me, so I’ll be grateful if you could watch over my new start.”

From how it sounds, Jessica Jung may have found another talent agency to sign on to, something SM Entertainment may not have liked especially if their contract isn’t up yet. Whether that is the case or not, KpopStarz reports it is unknown if Jung actually signed on with a new entertainment agency, or if she will even sign on at all.

Still, it is truly an end of a chapter in Jessica Jung’s career. She’s been with SM Entertainment since they first scouted her at a shopping mall while she was on vacation with her family back in 2000. Fifteen years is a long time to be with any company, and there are bound to be some underlying bitterness with such a sudden separation.

[Image via SM Entertainment]

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